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  1. Hay all How do I read the tags to find a factory manual car(xh ute to be specific) Thanks
  2. ok thanks jack i thought i tryed that both ways and it was the same. idk must of moved the nut too much thanks again
  3. hi all as it says above i changed my bellhousing and gearbox (t5) and now the clutch engagement has gone from needing to put the pedal to the floor to get it into gear to it being at the top of the pedal( now its almost fully out) for it to dissengage and i want it to be in the middle or closer to the bottom... so what do i do??? sorry if that dosnt make sence dealing with kids jumping on me as i write this thanks
  4. SlowXh

    Au t5 bell housing in a xh.

    hay all as title says can a au t5 bellhousing goon the back of a xh motor i know the 2 bolt holes at the bottom are not cast on the xh block but other then that will it go in and do the job?? thanks
  5. SlowXh

    Early rocker on a au head

    Hay mate Sorry. Missed a word had my kids around and yeah got side tracked. I ment rocker cover..
  6. SlowXh

    Early rocker on a au head

    Hay all As the title says, I'm just wanting to know if the EA rocker fits on a au head. Thanks
  7. Hay peoples. This is my 1st post So I'm looking for information on putting a holley terminator X on a au motor. It's going into my xh 5speed Thanks