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Holley terminator X in a xh with a au motor

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Hay peoples. This is my 1st post 

So I'm looking for information on putting a holley terminator X on a au motor.

It's going into my xh 5speed


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I've was looking into Holley Terminator X awhile ago thinking for Drag XE/XF sedan/ute with 5.0 windsor, maybe build as 347 & turbo with my built C4 auto (Terminator Max X can run 4L60/4L80 auto & smart tuner maybe able to setup to BTR Auto) also, & with suitable dual sync dissy & EFi mods will work on Cleveland & 429/460 Big Block,


My thinkings AU engine would need to change to dissy with either stock EB-EL TFi or Holley's dual sync, Fox Body kit has adapter loom for plug in TFi dissy or don't use adaptor & plugs straight into Holleys dual sync, Or also MSD ?CDI 600? Coil pack per plug kit can be added as well if use Holley Cam sync instead.

Holley have few vids on fitting to a fox body with both above kits, & KSR Performance & Fabrication did a bit of vid on setting it up the other day. like LSX idle motor is better then ford unit.

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