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  1. maguey123

    302 to 351c, help a young fella

    You guys are so knowledgeable, I loving it, I am aiming for the 8.5, I kept all the lifters with a number in the bottom according to their position. The cam is a dynotec pc314 which is the same as a crow cam 21602, it has the 208 and 208 as well, this is abit small but it's I the range I would like, I never really rev past 4k (if that aha) I've always driven diesels and hurts me to rev that high. If I can't get the comp low enough I might get some small dishes machined into the pistons, I have decided to get the 351 rods as it'll be a cheaper alternative to new pistons and rings when these pistons are still good and the rings are still good too. Been struggling to find a place to do a crank grind for a reasonable price, local place wanted 880 plus gst and cleaning fee but a fella on a Facebook group has kinda got me sorted with a 300$ for crank exchange for crack test, grind, and polished! Hopefully doesn't fall through!
  2. maguey123

    302 to 351c, help a young fella

    Thanks for all that, with the cam being small wouldbit still be enough for the 302 heads or do I need more bleed off? My 302 is currently at 40 thou and goes okay thus engine I'm tearing down was rebuild built and at 40 thou so no point for me to chase another block. I have been playing with that site but does it use ivc at 050 or 006. Thanks
  3. maguey123

    302 to 351c, help a young fella

    Yea hard finding info if I forget to add the cleveland key word ahaha. I've been doing research and speaking to afew fellas I know, getting the calculation for the dynamic comp ratio is difficult, every site I try says a different answer. So far all of them have been over 9.5 tho! Need to get it down. I've bought the full gasket (learnt yesterday not felpro but rockets own "proformance gasket" brand) set from rocket and I have just emailed them to try and find the compressed thickness of it. I'll cc everything tomrrow arvo hopefully to try and get more accurate. Using felpro specs and 58cc head volume I can get a 10.7 static, not sure if the pistons come in a dished version, if not I might be doing some lathe work! I'll add a pic tomrrow!
  4. maguey123

    302 to 351c, help a young fella

    Old mate said he'll order them in wholesale for me and the price of 351 rods are about 250-300 a set and the hypatech pistons on eBay to suit the 302 rods are 483 so I imagine he can get them for 300ish direct and new rings are the go. I use 95 or 98 now anyway as the current 302 in it I built over Christmas but just not overly happy with it. Uts probably not happy with me tryna push around 3.2t. I mainly use it for work as I have a motorbike for a daily to and from uni. The cam thankyou! I tried pc314 but couldn't find anything but dynotech it comes up straight away! Stage 1 (PC314) or CM314D208* I & 208* E @ .050".484" I & .484" E lift1500-4000 rpm The timing chain is double row and is still very tight. Cheers mate, bought my first when I was 14.
  5. maguey123

    302 to 351c, help a young fella

    Hey fellas, I bought a "351"c for 250$ was originally 600$ but I got there and was seized so got it for $250 and unseized turns out to be a 302, I am underway of making a 351 and have bought my crank from a local guy for $250 and now need a grind. I'm only a uni student so trying to keep the budget down. I'm chasing alot of low down torque as this is for a f350 not falcon (been reading some threads and you guys have alot of knowledge on engines). Spoken to the local engine builder and he recommends the 351 crank with 302 rods combo (he'll order the pistons in for me cheap, sadly will have to buy new rings tho so much for budget build) but I plan on using the 302 heads for the more efficient burn and more torque, currently bored 40 though over and the cam that came with it I can't identify, this engine was rebuilt before I bought it, still has hone marks. The only identification I can find is posted in the photo. I'd like to know as this will help me determine to keep the 302 heads or go for the 351 heads. With 58cc heads a 40thou thick compressed gasket and -3cc pistons, havnt taken into account deck height I'm getting a 12.05:1 static cr. I'd like to run on atleast 95. Happy to die grind some of the head chamber if necessary.