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  1. one of the first things I did as I had seen a lot people having limp mode issues caused from a bad battery but cheers. hit the nail on the head mate I cant thank you enough. I unplugged the transmission wiring loom (circular one) and started the car no change. so went and pushed it firmly and what do you know everything was back to normal. After driving the car for a while the p1213 code popped back up and I could see it had something to do with the lpg prime solenoid. Upon checking the lpg converter there is a clicking sound coming from it every now and then which sounds like it might be a relay or something. would you know whats going on with this one. I have a video that might give a clue and sussing the manual all I could find is attatched. I was thinking of grabbing a prime solenoid from ebay and trying to replace it: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/232344810910 https://photos.app.goo.gl/vJcDteFeRJf3dB3cA again thanks for your help so far im really happy to have a car to drive around now I owe you one.
  2. Thanks mate. I will have a look in the morning and report my findings. I think I know the one your talking about. Should the car just stop limp mode once fixed or will I need to clear codes/reset pcm or drive around. If I'm unable to find the source of the problem do you know anywhere in the s.e suburbs Melbourne (Dandenong area) that'll take an honest look. Has been through the wars but was running pretty great before all this.
  3. Looking for some help regarding my 04 ba wagon. replaced the flex plate about a year ago and have been stuck in limp mode ever since. plugged in the obdII and found some codes: p0710/p0713 - transmission fluid sensor circuit high input p0763/p0768 - shift solenoid c and d p1213/p1270 - powertrain I saw the videos posted by @SPArKy_Dave which were a great help with replacing the ss3 and ss4 aswell as new tran oil and filter. turned it on and taken it for a drive and no change. stumped. has anyone ran into similar issues, if so, what was the fix or experience. im really hoping my transmission isnt fu*$#! tried clearing faults, resseting the power to the ecu to retrain. I have read it could be a pcm/ecu issue? but dont want to fork out the money to still not have any changes. my ute just shat itself so this is my last hope 2 unusable cars right now. fml. appreaciate any assistance and knowledge. htbj