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  1. 4vxb

    Cleveland block

    Block has 2K5 cast under the D2AE-CA number if that means anything
  2. 4vxb

    Cleveland block

    Yea i was thinking the likes of a bronco or F series. As for measuring the stroke, the pistons an rods are sitting in a box. From memory, i think the block needs to be bored 30 thou due to 1 cylinder having a medical condition. Has been a very long time since ive really looked at it. If its 351 crank and rods, will be a cheap stroker kit for the little 302 thats in my xb. Cheers m8
  3. 4vxb

    Cleveland block

    Ok, so ive had a v8 block sitting in my garage for about 15 years, pretty much complete with heads and internals etc etc. Cant remember if there was markings on the big ends saying it was 302 or 351. Block has D2AE-CA casting number. Im confused about the deep part of the oil pan being at the rear end of the block and the cylinder heads having the valves in a diagonal kind of arrangement instead of in a straight line like the ones in my 302c thats in my falcon. Wondering if anyone can give me an idea as to what this could be out of. Will try and get sum pics of heads in weekend.
  4. Been running pedders GSR's for years, never had any issues. Im not 100% sure on bilsteins, have worked on 100's of subarus that have them factory fitted and they all had the same issues, the internals always slogged out and started knocking. May not be an issue across the whole bilstein range, but just be aware as the are not cheap to rebuild or replace. Cant really go wrong with monroes. They well priced and the gt sport range give a good ride.
  5. 4vxb

    302c fueling issue??

    Its not running anything out of the ordinary. I do know that the headlights are dim and when the headlights are on, the alt light on the dash flashes on and off when i turn the indicators on. It was probably a 40 amp alt when it was new, think 39 of them escaped over the last 40 odd years. Noticed tonight when i had a look at it and found that one of the wires out of the back of the alt is pretty lunched so will be replacing that.
  6. 4vxb

    302c fueling issue??

    Cheers bud. Will get off my ass and swap that alternator out for the 100 amp one and see what happens
  7. 4vxb

    302c fueling issue??

    Strong possibility it could be an ignition issue too. Its only got a crappy old 40amp alternator, which was ony thrown on to get it running after i rebuilt the engine 10+ years ago. Have got a 100amp unit to replace it but just havent got round to swapping it over haha.
  8. 4vxb

    302c fueling issue??

    Cheers guys, float levels are fine and its had a holley rebuild kit throwen at it. There is a possible chance of a definite maybe that the secondary diaphram hasnt been touched though. Will have a look at it at some stage. I thought it may of been the stock fuel pump wasnt enough to feed it, or possibly the fuel lines too small. Will check the diaphram first though.
  9. 4vxb

    302c fueling issue??

    So im running a holley 600 vac secondary on a slightly worked 302. Noticed a big difference in pick up from the 465 holley it was running. But have noticed that once the secondarys open up, it boggs down, pops and farts and just turns to crap really. Only once has it ever picked up its skirt and got off it ass when they have opened. Gave it a go shortly after, and it turned to crap again. Was thinking along the lines of a inadequate fuel supply from the standard spec fuel pump? Anyone got any advice?