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  1. My post is not asking what size pipes to use, just what will fit around them. Iam not sticking a 2.5” pipe on my 900hp banger. Its all relitive to what you are trying to achieve.
  2. The increase would be from the X cross over not size of pipe. It creates a big amount a scavenging.
  3. Yeh under the diffs would be safer and straighter. Motor will need some big pipes. Plan is to Clevo NA 420-440CI CHI Pro series heads with cam in the 280deg@50thou range. Will need to rev a bit so need good flow.
  4. Sorry, yeh its an XD. I have though of fuel cell but some nce I will be cutting out spare wheel well thought I might as well make it for a drop in drop tank of about 80-100lts. It will be on the street occasionally so will have to be legal as possible. I don’t think fuel cell pass do they?
  5. Hi, plan is to do twin 3.5” to the back hopefully over the diff. Has anyone done a drop tank to narrow the fuel tank and allow some big pipes to exit the rear?