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  1. Seen that there's bellhousing"s on the market and you can get a custom torque converter made. Yanks have done it but I haven't found to much info on it.
  2. Anyone seen a c4 behind an ls.
  3. Well there to go. I had just seen your handy work earlier that day on a facebook page an thought what a great idea then I jumped on here and saw your post. Top job mate they look mint.
  4. Seen that trick on a facebook site. Things looked brand new once done. Kings wood country on eBay supposedly have new caps but there yellow.
  5. That's a flash bit of gear there.
  6. Pics not working or is it just me.
  7. The old XDs gonna fly with that in it.
  8. Bang for bucks right there. Can't beat an LS for value. I'm a die hard Ford man and even I gave in and put one in my gu patrol. Only a ls1 but man does it get up and go for a 2.5 tonne 4by.
  9. Chevy parts on Ford. Blasphemy!!!! Does the sbc balancer fit without modification? This thing is awesome. Regretting that I sold all my crossflow goodies years ago. Top work.
  10. First thing I thought it might be was coil pack so I put a new one in as well as plugs and leads as it did have a slight misfire.
  11. Any au falcon guru's here familiar with the engine cutting out with out warning on hot day's. Had my mate's scan tool on it and no fault codes come up. I've read that it could be the crank angle sensor and they don't throw a fault code when it happens. It's only done it on real warm days and will restart if left to cool for a bit. Anyway just wondering if anyone here has had the same problem.
  12. Anyone using the street terra st2003 rollers. Suppose to suit clevo and big block chev. 1.72 ratio and 7/16 stud. I've read some stuff on people using chev rockers on clevo's and I've read some stuff about clevo roller rockers being specifically for Clevelands. So I'm wondering why yella terra make a one size fits both. Anyone have first hand experience with these.
  13. You can get a single pak spot primer in a spay bomb for rub throughs and fry ups. Says it's suitable under two pack systems as well. Ive used it under two pac and no problems so far. 2 pack primer would be better and seems to work fine on small areas of bare steel.