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  1. Would anyone have any idea where to get tonneau covers with the cutouts to suit sports bars? Am acquiring something shortly and a tonneau with the cutouts would come in quite handy! Thanks in advance. -Nate
  2. Ecksef

    Show me your gauges

    I've got the AU console in mine and I'd really like to get my hands on one of these custom holders, however it seems to be impossible now.. I'm actually contemplating getting some automotive styling clay and shaping it (slightly smaller than needed) then wrapping the clay in fibreglass. It'll be one hell of a job, but I'd have one killer out of the way gauge pod.
  3. Ecksef

    Show me your gauges

    Keen on the same idea!
  4. Ecksef

    X Series AC.topic

    Cool info. I've got to get the A/C working on my XF once it's all back on the road. Seems I'll probably have to have custom lines made up to mate the AU compressor with the XF condenser and core. Need to work out wiring to have the compressor switch on, though I'm not 100% convinced the A/C switch and wires on the heater box actually do anything.. May be a matter of handing a shop the credit card and closing my eyes while they charge me for it.
  5. Ecksef

    Eb T5 into au3 xr6

    Well you can overcome the ECU issue with a J3 chip. But yes, Polson is right. AU T5 is longer, I forgot that.
  6. Ecksef

    Eb T5 into au3 xr6

    You'll need a T5 bellhousing to suit the AU motor. E series and AU bellhousings are different.
  7. Ecksef

    Side Mirrors

    EF EL are only interchangeable with EF and EL mirrors. XH ute mirrors aren't interchangeable with EF EL either.
  8. Ecksef

    BA XLS E-Gas Woes - As per usual..

    Yeah.. It's only 2 years overdue for service haha
  9. Ecksef

    BA XLS E-Gas Woes - As per usual..

    I'll have to drive up and speak to my gas mechanic about it, can't seem to find any info about it on google lol Thanks mate
  10. Ok, so driving the POS down to the servo tonight she starts losing power and cruising down the HWY at about 50km/h, which is happens when I've gotten a bit low on gas (gauge is fucked). Made it to the servo and filled up. However out of an apparent 90L filling capacity, I only squeezed in a touch over 55L. Should have been able to squeeze an easy 80L into it on empty. I've managed to put over 90L into it on a hot day. Anyone know why I'm not able to fill up to full capacity? Really starting to give me the shits. I know the guages on the tanks are knackered, but they've never given me issues filling it, I've had the LPG lock-off valves/solenoids on the two tanks replaced.
  11. Ecksef


    Probably just a matter of swapping rails over like into an XF you'll just lose all the electrics (height adjustment, etc)
  12. Ecksef

    anyone got a ba?

    Hmm.. I'd kill for a digital speedo in my BA! Is the one thing I love about my ex police VZ haha
  13. Ecksef

    Crossflow T5 bellhousing value

    Course I can. I'll get a quote on postage.
  14. Ecksef

    Crossflow T5 bellhousing value

    Hahahaha. Clearly I'll sell cheaper to ozfalcon members ;-)
  15. Ecksef

    Crossflow T5 bellhousing value

    I've got two.. :-)