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  1. To give them the benefit of the doubt, OZFord may have been forced into this by the Ford USA dictators. Either way, it is bad move and puts a black mark on Ford's ability to provide cars with a good Nav & management system. We had one of our fleet - 2014 XR6 FG2 updated at North Harbour Ford (North Shore City, Auckland). The service manager & workshop manager both knew how to do it and charged us at cost - NZ$375.00 - I got the impression they didn't think it was value for money. However the end result is appallingly outdated. Changes - some intersections are now continual roads with a sharp bend, some slow bends are now intersections!!!!, Some road updates are in but many major highways are not - even though they were in the planning process since 2007 - 2010. We have a case for action under the fair trading act but it's not worth it for the cost. Consequently, we will not be updating our other FG2 and won't buy any more Fords
  2. Hi, not sure if you found an answer to this problem? Here in NZ, it took a lot of work to get an answer. This is what we found. Ford have a looming problem that will bite them if they leave it as it is. For some odd reason, the MkII FG Falcons & Territorys had the Whereis map system. (Whereis has now been bought by TOMTOM). It is completely different to all other Fords. Also a different cost - MkI FG & FGX are about NZ$150 but the FG MKII $500 - $800!! For the MkII FG, it can only be installed by a dealer - not all dealers know this, Ford refuse to provide later than 2015 version, and have said updates are only available till late 2017. We found a dealer who has done it once and did it on one of our Falcons for NZ$495. Notable that when the car was new in 2014, the map was 2 years out of date & the new version is up to date on some things but 2-3 years out on others. I am going to make contact with TOMTOM to see if they are going to take up this challenge - given the number of FG MKII Falcons around in NZ & OZ, it may be a nice wee earner for them. After all, what is the point of car manufacturers putting NAV in their cars if they are not prepared to offer updates for at least 10 years??. In NZ this is illegal as service and spares must operate for 7 years. We have a 2014 XR6 Sedan & a 2013 Ute, both business vehicles & will be kept for another 5 years minimum. Ford helpline had no idea that MkII was different and Ford NZ and OZ direct emails were both dismissive of my questions. Good luck if you haven't & hopefully we can urge Ford to do better .