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250 Crossflow Six WELSH PLUG info

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For anyone needing replacement Ford crossflow 6cyl welsh plugs - Premier Engine Components (Nasons), makes a full (Australian Made) brass welsh plug kit

with x5 1-3/4 plus x2 2-1/16 and x1 tiny 7/16 plug - part no. WPEK971


they also have the 1-3/4 cup welsh plugs by the bag of x10 - part no. BC1034 (brass), PMSC1034 (steel), SSC1034 (stainless steel)



Precision Engine Parts sells brass welsh plugs individually, but not sure on the brand.

Part numbers as follows -

7/16 - CP0010

1-1/2 - CP0250

1-3/4 - CP0320

2-1/16 - CP0450



Merry Christmas.

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