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Fit new stereo or replace icc in ba/bf

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Have a ba ghia now and am looking to get a new stereo touch screen.


Have found a ba/bf kit from universalfuse https://www.universalfuze.com.au/sony-car-play-android-auto-with-dvd-and-dab-radio and while it’s supposed to be good you’ll loose the storage area that’s left under the kit that’s used to mount a single din unit.


Is it going to be a problem loosing that bit of storage and where do you put that stuff that you’d normally store in that area. Plus with the sony kit you got to buy a navigation kit if you want to use gps without plugging in phone.


Apparently that sony kit is a double din size screen with a 1.5 din fit.


Also there’s a kayhan audio icc system https://kayhanaudio.com.au/product/ford-ba-bf-territory/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrsf3_Kq04wIV2RwrCh0vdg16EAAYASAAEgKb6fD_BwE


This kayhan kit is a whole new icc for ba/bf which has same features as the sony kit plus more. And you can keep the single din cd player mounted below plugged into aux to play occasional cds.


With the mounting kit in the link to sony system for ba/bf what is done with it to get the big screen through it.


Is there a chance that you can get normal double din size to fit or does the fit have to be 1.5 din.


Do pioneer or kenwood or jvc do those big screen with a 1.5 din fit like the sony link.

Would it be better to have the stereo separate to icc or get a whole new icc.


What us kayhan like and what’s chance of factory screen going out if it still works.


What would you do out of these options 

1. Replace icc with whole new icc and leave the single din cd below plugged into aux to play occasional cd.


2. Buy the sony kit that’s in link (would you cut icc speakers and connect them to new unit or just use aux.


3. Try and get a normal double din in.


4. Look for another one like sony link that has built in gps that’s a good brand.



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