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i boy has inherited a XG Ute from my uncle , 220k on clock . His first car all good until he lost keys.

took vin number to ford and they ordered keys , they didnt fit. Told barrels must have been changed, 

so ordered set of three from auto shop . Had a hell of a time getting old one out but got there in end.

went to put in replacement and it didn’t line up with mechanism . Have tried turning internals with screw driver but it seems locked up.

moved wheel back and forwards no difference. Can’t dismantle anything as it’s all security bolts ect.

where to from here guys . I was able to start car when I had remnants of old barrel all but removed using a screw driver but once I have barrel out can’t get it back in 

happy at present to swap Ute for beer 

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if you turned the ign barrel guts OFF without the key barrel fitted = GAME OVER.. i did it to a mate's car once and it made an ominous CLUNK.. that's it.. replace the whole lock assy.


the key barrel comes out in the acc position, with it out, you can start the car, but turning it OFF = CLUNK.. no more operation 


the lock ass has snap off bolt (one or two? cant remember) they can be removed by sometimes chiseling them undone a quarter turn to losen then pliers. can cut a slot in it with the dremel for a screw driver if careful, but may still be too tight.

if the car has smartlock you'll need to have ign on for 30mins with the new lock assy to re learn it.

anti theft.. this is the reason theives are breaking into houses for the keys these days

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1 hour ago, Bullaman said:

Thanks dean 

appreciate your input 

so I guess it’s off to the wreckers to try find replacement steering column, complete with the lock /key assembly


that would be the easier option, but you can swap the lock assy over if that's all you can find(removing the column will make undoing the tamper proof bolts easier. )

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