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Pillow block Cleveland

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Has anyone used or have knowledge on a pillow block as I wanted to do a higher hp Cleveland with the pillow block I have for my XY.  I have mixed comments on their origin and the  more strength with extra water jackets ? ? 

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Definitely a good starting point for extra HP Clevo build. Extra thick casting "pillows" , Solid oil pan rails, etc. To be honest, a little bit over rated IMHO.  You can now make great numbers with a stock block. Balancing is very important for the rotating assembly, (reduces vibration/harmonics) with todays tech,  H beam rods, Ally heads etc... 500 HP Clevos can be built.

Few years ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity to buy a Boss block, Pillow, 4 bolt, but, aftermarket blocks from TMeyer, Arrow, and AFR or CHI heads, can all put out more "bang for buck" Just my opinion, and I drink a lot.....


Keen to see the build, though. Very cool engine to have.

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