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12 Slot centre (skull) caps info

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Hi All,


I'm trying to determine what style centre caps were fitted to an XC GS Falcon. There are a few different styles. XCs had the satin (I think) black paint finish, but there are some subtle differences over the years. Ignoring the deteriorated chrome finish for the aftermarket,


Exhibit 1:




This cap has the machined face. Now notice the No. 1 stamped on the back.




Now consider exhibit 2, the smooth finish cap (ignore the rust bubbles):




On the back of the cap, No. 2:




And then there is this style of cap:




The centrepiece is very different to the previous two.


Based on experience, who can remember what's what here? I believe these are all related to XA/XB/XC only.


My understanding is that XA/XB caps were painted Argent Silver the same as the 12 slots, no stainless trim rings. XCs had the satin black centre caps and stainless trim rings on Argent Silver 12 slots. But what style caps were used on the XC is my question?


Any info will be much appreciated.

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57 minutes ago, XCeed said:

And then there is this style of cap:

I'm going to hope someone remembers better, 

but i had an XC GS for a few weeks about 30yrs ago(add that to another car i should have kept) 

it had the 3rd type in black in My memory and the dome was rattly loose (I could have silastic them to stop the rattle if i'd known) i chose to keep My plastic caps over them due to the loose cap domes.

I basically flipped that car for the same price I paid after swapping wheels with bald tyres and a few other things. (i drove it, didn't like it compared to My XE, so sold it again) 

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I always thought XA and early XB, got the machined finish Chrome center caps

(my blue 75' XB GS panelvan, had these)


I thought the later XB's got smooth finish caps,

then the XC's got one piece caps, chrome or satin black?


I have both sorts of XB caps for my yellow XB panelvan.

It's an 11/74, which was right when time when Ford made alot of small subtle changes, so not sure which is correct.


They rattle, when the rubber insulator, falls off (available repro now)







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9 hours ago, SPArKy_Dave said:

Founds some brand new ones - repro?


I'm thinking repro, can't see the little number 2 on the underside of the cap. Look good though.


I saw those rattle can resto caps on Ebay 🤮 , they are trashed.


Here is where I'm at.




Three of each and a headless chook. Can you see my dilemma? Which set do I complete? I'm thinking cap 2 with the smooth top. I came across this on the Grand Tourer website:




It's more clear on their website, but the bottom right cartoon image appears to depict the machine marks, which is for XA. When you look at Ford promo photos of XCs, they're not close-up enough to see the machine marks, but they don't look like the third style I posted a picture of. So I think I'll keep looking for a No. 2 style cap to complete the set.


Thanks for your input Gents, much appreciated.

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