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  1. Travo

    XF ignition barrel stuck

    Hey guys. My 87 xf has a stuck ignition. It’s stuck halfway between off and accessories. You can still pull the key out. The steering lock is engaged. I’ve tried wd40 to clean out some crap and lubing it with graphite. Still no luck. The car is a 4.1 fuel injected with a 5speed behind it. It locked up when I tried to get the car running. It’s been parked up for 14years. Spins over freely just the ignition is jammed. Thanks for any help.
  2. Travo

    XD-XE-XF ID codes

    Thanks I'll try ring them in the morning and see what I can get done.
  3. Travo

    XD-XE-XF ID codes

    I got a 1987 xf falcon. Believe it's spac but not sure.dont know if standard falcon or Fairmont. Vin is JG23HJ 52116 Any help appreciated. Travis