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  1. XG_Falcon

    Loss of everything

    Alright guys, so I lost my low beams in my xg xr6 ute tonight as well but they kept coming back. I pulled over to check it and after I did I went to start the ute and I had nothing. No dash lights, no smart lock signal. Absolutely nothing. Jump starting it or changing over the battery wouldn't even work. What are the chances this is an easy fix? I need it back on the road asap as its my only vehicle. All help appreciated cheers
  2. XG_Falcon

    Xg ute high beam loss

    Alright guys, finally replaced the circuit breaker, and still nothing. Can hear the relay clicking and everything. Can't get them to work at all. Changed the globes and everything. Any other ideas before I send it to an auto sparkie?
  3. XG_Falcon

    Xg ute high beam loss

    Sweet. At least it's a fairly easy fix then. And cheap too
  4. XG_Falcon

    Xg ute high beam loss

    Yeah I lose my low beams too. All the basics are fine. Went through all that straight away
  5. XG_Falcon

    Xg ute high beam loss

    Hey guys, needing some help. Lost my high beams the other night and when I turn them on I lose my low beams as well. Relay still works cause you can hear it. What could it be?