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  1. Barra the xf

    Barra into xf

    Also what other diffs can I put in without heaps of work maybe if there’s something that will even bolt up that I can install disk brakes and different gear ratios
  2. Barra the xf

    Barra into xf

    Can I bolt a 6 speed up and make it look factory in the cab as I want to keep it sleeper, also I want to avoid hammering the strut tower is there a way around that time
  3. Barra the xf

    Barra into xf

    Hey guys I’m new to these forum pages. wanting to do turbo barra swap into 86 xf with a manual can someone point me in the right direction, I’ve already spotted engine mounts and sway bar because I heard stock won’t clear the barra. And wiring I have no f****** idea we’re to start. thibk I will get the FG Barra, will try to get a turboed one already but heard a N/A one with be fine to turbo also I’ll note I’ll be stuffing in a 9 inch any my help is very much appreciated thanks