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  1. JohnnyeHCF

    Tips on welding cracked strut tower in XG ute

    This is awsome stuff, thank you so much for that-this has given me some confidence to do this as I was totaling buggered as where to start,my TIG is only a cheap 3 in 1,tig-stick-plasma ones have everything to do it but lack the confidence,so will have to get it out and try and see how I go,have done MIG,stick and a little bit of oxy (long time ago though)just have to work out how to set it up properly.
  2. JohnnyeHCF

    Tips on welding cracked strut tower in XG ute

    Yeah I think I'll drill either end and gouge it a bit to help the weld penetrate,I've never done seam or this type of stitch welding and could definitely use some advice,how long to make the welds and spaces between etc..is it like 1" of weld 1" space and so on or can I do larger welds with smaller spacing etc.. I do so appreciate your input.
  3. JohnnyeHCF

    Tips on welding cracked strut tower in XG ute

    Thanks so much for your response this helps me alot,I noticed in the picture's that you seam welded around the other areas of the shock towers,is that hard to do or is there a certain way it should be done,I ask cause this XG is just being built for drag racing (on the cheap,barra etc.) And would like to just strengthen everything as much as possible.
  4. Hello,was hoping someone could give me some advice on welding a crack in the driver's side strut tower,like jack up to take load of the suspension and should I remove the coil spring etc,I have a gasless mig,stick or a cheap tig welder that I haven't used before but have everything including argon but not sure exactly what and how to go about it. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. JohnnyeHCF

    XG Steering Coupling removal.

    Yeah it looks okay but does have some play in it-funny you should mention the nolathane one as that's exactly what I'm doing-but the xg is only destined for the track it's not getting registered for the road.I definitely would not be using it for street use.Should I have it on full lock when I put tension on the nut maybe?
  6. Hello this is my first post here,have been having trouble with getting the nut of the steering box in my xg ute and can't seem to find the correct information on if it's just normal/reverse thread or how it needs to come off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!