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  1. Madog41

    Change ba 6 to v8 351

    Mr plod will not know that the engine has been changed I'm not telling Ashould 302 be lighter and it'll fit probably if it better than the 351 but if I want to be stupid and go all out the fucken 460 in it
  2. Madog41

    T5 gearboxes

    T5 gearbox people reckon tough as well I've broken mine I have no 4th gear and almost no second gear and that's in a 6 cylinder and that's flogging it like it's been stolen every day of the week so they can't be that tough T5 piece of s**
  3. Madog41

    Change ba 6 to v8 351

    Would a 351 Cleveland or Windsor fit in a BA Falcon ute engine bay go back to old school instead of fuel injected piece of s***