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  1. Menice

    which 4.0l engines will fit xh ute ?

    same principle as au motor, except fg run a rear pan sump so you'd need to change to a ba/bf sump and oil pickup also move dipstick which most fg have the spot for its just got a rivet insert to remove...
  2. Menice

    OHC block corrosion

    Change the block would be my suggestion, cheapest and simplest option
  3. Menice

    Advanti racing wheels any good?

    People usually asking stupid money for them Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  4. Menice

    Dyno tuners

    Was gonna use one of his carb's for a boosted clevo build, this is what he told me his rates may have changed but something to go on "zok" tunes start at $450 which gives you two hours on the dyno and for most combos thats enough to sort out carb and timing its only when you have to do major mods to carb or dizzy that you need to spend more time
  5. Menice

    Dyno tuners

    Zok yes he'd be the only guy i'd use for a carby tune
  6. Just don't cut the car up lol that's what my shell is for :-) Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  7. Menice

    ECU Issues

    If it runs a map sensor or something it probably won't change it due to how ecu's are mapped Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  8. Menice

    ECU Issues

    different ecu's will have different issue's, could be from a different cc bike? or if you know its all the same then might have been tuned at some point?
  9. Menice

    ECU Issues

    ah well i got no idea on bikes lol
  10. Menice

    ECU Issues

    what car is this in?
  11. Menice

    Gearbox crossmember

    The box came out of my old xf ute which had a custom crossmember to suit so I was hoping I wouldn't have to make another Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  12. Menice

    Gearbox crossmember

    Cheers man, you've been a good help over the last few weeks if we ever meet in person drinks are on me :-) Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  13. Sorry if this has been answered before but couldn't find anything on phone, does the crossmember from xd with BW box bolt up to a c4? Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  14. Menice

    FG into BA?

    I don't know the exact year but i'd say it'd be around when they released the mk2 if i had to guess
  15. Menice

    FG into BA?

    yeah i edited my post as i was on phone and didn't catch that part sorry, you are right though.