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  1. Hi bought this new micro switch horn rubber, fitted it up and soon as you connect the battery the horn will not shut off the switch tests fine, just not sure what I am doing wrong or is there something missing of the wheel its self, any help would be very much appreciated Cheers Dean
  2. 600 speed master carby new looks like a holley
  3. The new plugs sorted that out but new motor gets hot fairly quick new big alloy radiator 3 core correct thermostat 82 degrees seven blade flexi fan with shroud and the right length fan spacer everything is new including 351 clevo but it does have close chamber heads on it.
  4. 351 Cleveland when it gets hot its like it goes out of tune I have replaced the plugs and that fixed it until I went for a drive today and its done it again any ideas, once it cooled down now it winds over and hard to start and runs very rough when it starts and it wont keep going
  5. Hi I have this problem with my wipers on my 71 xy all the wires are connected correctly on the switch in the dash but only the wipers work, when you push the switch in for the squirters to work nothing happens, until you take the earth wire off the switch then the squirters work but the wipers wont very confused need help as this is the only thing holding me back to get passed over the pits and its been 10 years on this rebuild any help would be very much appreciated Cheers Dean