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  1. 85 XF Ghia

    85 Ford XF EFI Vacuum lines

    Hi Guys, does anyone out there have a coloured pic or a diagram of the hvac vacuum lines that come out of the LHS of the firewall such as the black, brown and blue lines. Where they go or connect to on the engine please.
  2. Hi Guys, ive just recently reinstalled the HVAC on my 85 XF Fairmont Ghia. The vacuum lines on the inside are all accounted for thanks to Searley. I now require 2 diagrams if possible. The hvac vacuum lines set up in the engine bay and the heater core heater hoses configuration. I didnt take a photo of the set before hand. Yes im a Dhead.
  3. He Searley, once again thanks for the vacuum line diagrams.

    Can i trouble you for the vacuum line, heater hose set up in the engine bay as well. I had to undo all of them to remove the Hvac. While i was there i replaced the heater hoses and heater tapĀ from the core to the engine.

    1. Searley


      Hey XF Ghia,did I send you those vacuum & heater hose set up from the engine bay diagrams? I know I sent some in one go.But I have'nt been on OZFalcon for awhile.If I did'nt I can do it over the Long weekend.Thank.