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  1. streetbeast351

    350 holley on stock 1992 XF ute Having trouble with the tune

    float setting seemed correct, just dribbles out of the sight hole with the car idling but i didnt toy with it any more then just check that.
  2. streetbeast351

    350 holley on stock 1992 XF ute Having trouble with the tune

    yeah if i cant get the holley right before the weekend ill put some new diaphragms in a XE webber and put that back on had a look at the 3 i had and every webber had crusty as hell diaphragms and a few new gaskets just a minor rebuild i guess.
  3. streetbeast351

    350 holley on stock 1992 XF ute Having trouble with the tune

    changed the spot on the pump cam and it seems abit better, had 31 squirters in it atm h ave some 28's out of a 600 holly but they look a bit different still fit, but dont have little nozzels on them but test fitted it and seemed to fit and squirt in the right spot.. ill test drive it tomrrow i should have said in the op the stumble is only under load
  4. streetbeast351

    350 holley on stock 1992 XF ute Having trouble with the tune

    Thanks for that gerg ill give those a go in the morning i have not totally ruled out webbers yet i was told the XE webbers were slightly better in some aspects id be willing to put a kit threw one as i have one sitting there if i cant get this holley right, the webber did seem alot smoother.
  5. Hey all Seeking a little advice on tuning the Holley on my ute, ive been threw 2 webbers and cracked it and threw on a redline manifold and a 350 holley, I put a fast kit threw the carb and put 57 jets in it ( they were reccomended to me) and a 6.5 PV <-- ( witch i think needs changing) Now it runs and idles fine, but has a flat spot in it near 1/4 throttle Right when the clutch grabs and you go to give it abit more the dead spot sits right about there. ive had a vac gauge on it and it sits just under 20 at idle, but thats with the mixture screws only about 1 turn out ( maybe less) from being fully seated witch dosnt seem right to me, but if i open it anymore it looses vacuum and starts sputtering threw the exhaust, when its at the highest vacuum setting its allso really gutless more so then it was with the webber.. cars still running the EST witch could be my problem? maybe a squirter size change may help me out but unsure on that most people have not seemed to mess with that ( from the threads i read) i know the Carb use to be on a speed way motor had 68 jets in it when i got it. Motors stock as a rock besides the holley ive done a fair bit of digging and seen some threads around but all i found seems to be the opposite with everyone having the mixture screws nearly all the way out to get it to run right
  6. streetbeast351

    xc kick panel speakers

    going off the pannel van yes it has been cut im going to guess there oval orginaly.
  7. streetbeast351

    V8 Exhaust Note

    just had straight threw mufflers put on today trev sounds pretty nice only cam i have here is a nokia N95.. took a vid today but it sounds like shit. idol was a lil low to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLkPt6d9Ah0
  8. streetbeast351

    V8 Exhaust Note

    our XC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD34SmzF2-M
  9. streetbeast351

    Electric windows on 79 Ltd.

    it will indeed be the rollers you can get replacements on ebay.
  10. streetbeast351

    Rust repair panel available ? XA/B/C.

    im pretty sure a GT shop in Melbourne dose the whole replacement panel ill see if i can dig up a link... its pricey though! EDDIT: cant seem to find a link although i know someones making replacement panels ive seen them pop up on ebay aswell