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  1. Early 80's Ford LTD (yeah, its foxbody). I just have too much to do with my pony, but I dream of one of these. Maybe someday...
  2. Its my friends '68 302.
  3. I'm not sure if I know anything, it's ok to correct me anytime.
  4. Here are some pics, the starting point and how it looks like now. I'm not good at taking photos and my garage is always messy...
  5. Yes, only different k-member. Sorry, foxes where awailable with cologne 2.8 v6, and later with essex 3.8 v6. I'm increasing wheelbase for better weight ratio and want to run this car with 10 deg caster.
  6. The essex v6 was available for fox mustang, but inline is fine engine for that car. I have 3.3 in my -80 notchback fox, with t5. I'd love to swap crossflow to it but I need to do the body first. Just moved firewall ~15 cm back and I'm building tubular K-member to move wheels 15 cm forward. Maybe I need to do testing with stock engine and then build some performance inline later.
  7. Well, because its possible? I don't see fox mustang as a classic, and its already been cutted a bit. 250 crossflow would be perfect engine for pissing all 5.0 guys [emoji23]
  8. It always depends where you are comparing it, Vintage Inlines sells aluminium head for old 200, but I think it is over 2000$ + shipping and they are out of stock. If I could get shipping cheap enough to get complete engine it would be the best. 50 more cubes and then maybe BMW 6 speed tranny adapted behind that. I'm definetly not going to v8 [emoji51]
  9. I'm crazy for crossflow too but nobody wants to sell head and cam for me. Can you remember how much did shipping cost to usa?