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  1. I just got it washed and went to shower when I saw the flames outside. I think it was faulty alternator, it always had some problems with it.
  2. Me too, still missing it. Maybe I can get rust free hatchback for DD some day... It will get that same color.
  3. At some point I tried to use burned body parts from my old ’84 Mustang but the metal wasn’t good anymore, they would need too much work. Chopped the roof off of it and the whole thing collapsed... had to call truck to pick it up and now it is gone. It was a great car, 3.8 and C5 trans. It was my first car. Got it painted at spring 2012 and it burned at august. Then bought this beast I still have.
  4. For some reason I desided to get my new 5 lug wheels fitted and ordered rear disc brakes for 2009 Toyota Avensis. I already had a pair of VAG rear saddles and just a bit of measuring and drawing and my uncle cutted 10 mm aluminium pieces to correct form with laser, and I got rear brakes fitted with SN95 drive shafts. Front was easy as I just needed to change to conversion discs, couldn’t find SN95 spindles at that time. Used some Wilwood valve at rear. At last post I already put one pick with new wheels under the car, the wheels are 10x17” Saleen SC replicas in every corner and 255/40 tires. Didn’t have money for bigger tires but maybe someday. Had to use 10 mm spacers as front wheels centerbore was too small for fox hub. Tried to roll rear fenders but they were too rusty and there wasn’t time to fix those. Rear springs were still cutted ones and with 5 cm drop in axle the car was super low, I had to screw rear control arms as high as possible and still there was fender scrubbing. Suprisingly I got the car ready for the meet, took gf with me and we tried to get there, 33 km later had to stop because I was afraid rear tires would blow. At the bus stop I saw the fuel tank was leaking and called tow truck there. It took 2.5 hours to wait the truck, and it was propably the hottest day of that summer... I have to say my gf wasn’t happy. The battery died when we were waiting the truck and I felt I was beaten, back home we just left the car, packed gf’s mothers Škoda and went to the meet. I couldn’t touch the car for few weeks.
  5. It was summer again, and I had to get this to street. Got it out and took doors off, I had marked these picks with ”there was so much rust under the hinges that grinding doesn’t make sparks” These are still on my to do-list, I already draw new replacement parts with Autocad and I’ll try to get those laser cut some day. Just still need to get lots of other stuff to be cutted at once. The rear axle was sandblasted and after welding the control arm brackets and axle tubes to center (got a bit of toe in and -0.5 camber doing it) I had to paint it, but at the time I only had leftowers of red rust primer and gloss black, I mixed those to get some cool wine red or something, well you all know it turned out to be semi-gloss sh*t brown when it was dry... [emoji19] Later I got welding machine borrowed from my dads work, and fixed the floor After that I sanded the body and fixed a few rusted spots, and painted the body with primer in and out Don’t have much more photos of this session, there was 2 weeks to get this to Finlands biggest Mustang meet and I had to work hard with it. Almost burned this car when cutting rust off, just saw that the floor was wet and stopped the angle grinder, had cutted the fuel line... I think I was pretty fast outside checking for fires and there was none.
  6. I’ve considered doing something similar with my car, just replacing lots of original sheetmetal parts with tubing and as a result I’d have hidden roll cage in street car. And lots of other cool stuff.
  7. No, I could just put some 302 or even 351 in that thing, but with all mods to that body and suspension the cars identity would be lost and I’d have to pay taxes for ”new” car to use it at street. And it should pass all newest emissions, so better to do this thing as light as possible, with that 200cid engine. This is already lightest Mustang body style ever, it is marked to weight 1250 kg stock with 200cid, I’m trying to get it to 1000-1100kg range with still having comfortable interior and 4 seats. And this is actually why I’m at this site, I’ve been seaching for stock alloy crossflow head and cam to make my engine a bit lighter and powerful.
  8. My aunt lives in Canada in some island, and there are all the new cars already rusty. She bought her first ever car a few years ago, 2011 Ford Fiesta. She drove it few weeks and took it to some shop for service, they find this: This was somewhere near cat, but she didn’t know where. Back to Stang: I didn’t want to start fixing all the rust at first, so I started with disassembling the front and tested an intercooler I had bought two years earlier. A bit hacking for front bumber and it fits straight between headlamps: I don’t have turbo or SC but isn’t it good to have something ready for one? I’ve been planning to use some M90 or some other charger with that inline 6 engine. I jump now over the year 2013 when I was at Finnish Air Forces, didn’t have time to do anything except one version of wiring system that needs some changes. Here is some pick at army bed: At 2014 I got back to work and desided to learn how to weld better. Then I made my short throw shifter even shorter throw, with longer stick: It was good, so my next project was making 5 cm drop to rear axle, with instructions from Mathis’s Mustang Performance Handbook 2. Just chopped the original control arm brackets and added material between: So now it is dropped but control arm angles are stock, and I can use stock springs. I couldn’t find stock for this car, but a friend of mine sold me 96 Cobra rear springs, which are a bit stiffer than my stock ones. Perfect for torque arm, whitch I made with Mathis instructions: Didn’t have time to finish this, so torque arm is still a work in process but the biggest part is already done. Maybe there is enough text and picks for one post already,
  9. I have oiled the chassis of my DD, then some rallying at gravel road and let it harden. Washing is very important especially for wheelwells, they usually gets rotten if you don’t wash salt off. Edit: my phones autocorrect sometimes makes some odd words, even with language set to English. I’ll try to change those to understandable form.
  10. So, this beast came from factory with 200 cid and 4 speed manual. I’m the 5th owner of this car, the first one took it with him from States to Britain and the second one bought it from there, and got it here. The 3rd owner build it a bit, here are some picks from 2002 when he bought it: It was originally white car with light brown interior, I can’t imagine who would pick these colors from factory... The car was also a bit rusty back then... He made the interior pretty with newer seats and painted all plastics black. It came to me like this (+10 years), and I like it. Only front seats could be a bit better and dash pad wasn’t so good anymore. Later he got Classic Inlines alloy head and header, Clay Smith cam and lots of other good stuff including Modern Driveline T5, Maximum Motorsports heavy duty control arms, CC-plates, front coil overs and 8.8” lsd with 3.08 gears. The car got too rusty as his DD, they use lots of salt at winter and he sold it to a guy who fixed some rust spots here and there and then swapped the engine to stock 200 cid before I bought the car from him.
  11. It was a bit small, but there was sometimes 3-4 mopeds, 5 Harleys, Buell and 1 or 2 Yamaha. There is still 3 mopeds even with Mustang in that pick.
  12. Okay, loaded a lot of picks and I’ll try to tell something with them. Here are the first ones: The car as I bought it, only thing faster than my camera was my fathers angle grinder as I had to cut springs to get it lower. Which was stupid idea but had to do it, I was 20. I started this project with this battery box installation. That was painless, but after the day I had parted all of interior. And this is what I found. Old broken brake line under the mat and lots of rust everywhere. I drove the car few weeks without interior and you could see thru the right rearwheel from drivers seat. There was water everywhere in and outside, so driving wasn’t fun anymore. So moved three Harleys out of the shed and parked this for a year and a half I hope writing the history of this car isn’t too boring.
  13. Hello there, I thought here would be some sort of interest for my project car. I already put some picks here ( ) but maybe own project thread is better place. This project started at 2012 when I bought this thing to be my dd, but with a rusty body it wasn't as good as I thought. Now it's on hold, so I have time to write things up. I'm trying to be open for all thoughts here, but lets start from the beginning. I'll upload some picks here a bit later, don't have any on my tab right now. Lähetetty minun AGS-W09 laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  14. That’s genius!
  15. Thanks! Except that I’m not so sure of any skills... [emoji23]