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  1. Firebolt

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    Thanks! Except that I’m not so sure of any skills... [emoji23]
  2. Firebolt

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    Well it’s been 7 months from my last visit here, I got most of the body now welded. Only a few holes left and front frame rails, but I had to move the car 300 kilometers away. Need some pause since I quit my job and I’m going to finish school and maybe moving to some other place after that. So here is something I’ve done to my pony: I had to change all the plans I had for front end, since extending cars wheelbase isn’t allowed in here for road cars. I’ve played more with Harleys and in theory you could build a chopper with almost twice the original wheelbase in here, if it passes some handling tests (and is properly build, of course). But for example, extending cars wheelbase 5 cm you need to ask some permissions and write a ton of papers and wait for the answer, and after getting it you can actually do something (or not if it is denied for no given reason). I could go with the outlaw way and just be quiet, but yearly inspections may be hard that way and all the modifications will be marked up in next inspection, to get these for insurance. So I ended up purchasing BMW E46 k-member, spindles, shocks etc. and I’m building frame rails from 60mm x 80mm square tubing. (I’m not sure about the right word for these in English). They are still at machine shop waiting for holes to be drilled, I want to make this thing properly so I calculated k-member attaching points and they are CNC milled for the right places. The firewall is now all ready, I moved it total 15 cm, and now my engine sits nicely: The suprising thing with the BMW parts is that engine mounts don’t need any offset when engine is this far back. Almost like I would have designed it that way, but they just happened to be aligned. The other thing is they are super light compared to Ford parts. The car weights originally 1250 kg, with this front end and some other modifications it would be possible to get it ~1100 kg, or at least I hope so. BMW k-member with control arms weighted 11.7 kg and Ford part is 26.9 kg without control arms, maximum motorsports arms are 3.8 kg each, so there is almost 23 kg difference and I’m talking about three parts. Steering rack is alloy instead of Ford steel part, spindles are lighter so I can have the same unsprung mass with bigger brakes and I have a few glassfiber parts that save weight pretty much. So I might have hope. The downside is that I need to modify my valvecover to make oil filling possibly. This won’t be a problem if someone would sell crossflow head to me, because all this stuff in this topic is pointless if I don’t get this car running with crossflow. And some smiley here. I hope you can understand at least 10% of what I’m talking, it’s 3 am here when I’m writing this.
  3. Firebolt

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    Early 80's Ford LTD (yeah, its foxbody). I just have too much to do with my pony, but I dream of one of these. Maybe someday...
  4. Firebolt

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    Its my friends '68 302.
  5. Firebolt

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    I'm not sure if I know anything, it's ok to correct me anytime.
  6. Firebolt

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    Here are some pics, the starting point and how it looks like now. I'm not good at taking photos and my garage is always messy...
  7. Firebolt

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    Yes, only different k-member. Sorry, foxes where awailable with cologne 2.8 v6, and later with essex 3.8 v6. I'm increasing wheelbase for better weight ratio and want to run this car with 10 deg caster.
  8. Firebolt

    Crossflow into Fox body mustang (1980-1982)

    The essex v6 was available for fox mustang, but inline is fine engine for that car. I have 3.3 in my -80 notchback fox, with t5. I'd love to swap crossflow to it but I need to do the body first. Just moved firewall ~15 cm back and I'm building tubular K-member to move wheels 15 cm forward. Maybe I need to do testing with stock engine and then build some performance inline later.
  9. Firebolt


    Well, because its possible? I don't see fox mustang as a classic, and its already been cutted a bit. 250 crossflow would be perfect engine for pissing all 5.0 guys [emoji23]
  10. Firebolt


    It always depends where you are comparing it, Vintage Inlines sells aluminium head for old 200, but I think it is over 2000$ + shipping and they are out of stock. If I could get shipping cheap enough to get complete engine it would be the best. 50 more cubes and then maybe BMW 6 speed tranny adapted behind that. I'm definetly not going to v8 [emoji51]
  11. Firebolt


    I'm crazy for crossflow too but nobody wants to sell head and cam for me. Can you remember how much did shipping cost to usa?