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  1. Daf

    XD door handles

    Thanks dvfalcon. That's it exactly, I have a 90 deg bend at the top of my rod so it wouldn't stay in the grommet on the new handle. The bottom of the rod is a 's' shape which goes thru another lever and is not adjustable. So it looks like someone, at some point has put a set of XF doors on my XD. Cheers
  2. Daf

    XD door handles

    I've drilled out the original, stuck a 4mm bolt thru and fixed the original. Good as gold. The plastic retainer clips are also different so when I did fit the new one in and lifted the rod up (yes there is some slack) it just popped straight out under pressure as there was 'nothing' holding it in place. The guy at Rare spares also told me that the rod would be "adjustable", however it's not. Inside the door the rod goes down and simply hooks onto another lever on the inside of the lock mechanism, nothing adjustable in there. Are all doors across the model range the same?? Maybe GL door handles are different to ESP to Fairlanes??
  3. Daf

    XD door handles

    Hi guys, Looking for some info. The drivers door handle finally broke (after 2 yrs of ownership I think I got it pretty good). So I went out to Rare Spares and bought a new one hoping for a quick fix and then I would repair the old one and keep it for spares. However they are different. See pics: original on top and new one on bottom. The lever is a different shape, so the rod that connects to it wont reach the new handle. It's about 10 mm higher on the new lever vs the old one. If what I bought is a XD-XF handle what do I have on the car?? Why is there a difference? Cheers Daf