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  1. FLO

    How Rare is YOUR Falcon?

    I have just purchased a 1990 EA Fairmont Wagon with factory bench seat and column auto. Anyone know of such a creature?
  2. While I don't mind a good yank tank I do prefer the Brit stuff. Cash permitting I would own any number of the beasts (including Brit Fords) such as the SD1 Rover, any of the Farina BMCs, MGB, Triumphs just to name a few. I bought the Marina because (having had a 6 cyl P76 in my youth) I like the 2.6 engine and I wanted to preserve a piece of Australian motoring history. I actually drove the Marina from Wagga Wagga to Townsville in 2013 and enjoyed every moment of it.
  3. FLO

    FLO (Falcon Longreach Outback)

    Changes I have made so far are only the wheels. The 17 inch ROHs it came with were not in line with what I was going to use the car for as I fitted a set of 15 inch DA LTD mags with 205-75 -15 tyres. Not the best looking mag (by far not the worse either) but that that was all I could find at the time.
  4. FLO

    FLO (Falcon Longreach Outback)

    When I first saw Flo I was a bit surprised at the location of the selector switch as I had it in the back of my mind it should have been mounted lower. Who knows which is correct but I do know that during the XH model Ford started moving features from the Outback such as the extra mud flaps and bull bar maybe as they started running out of components so maybe they were mixing and matching in the XG. I think the high mounted switch is much more convenient location for the switch.
  5. FLO

    FLO (Falcon Longreach Outback)

    Wild Violet is a favorite of mine since I was a kid.
  6. Flo is close to original bar the colour, wheels, Hard Top Tonneau Cover, and tradie bars. Marina is original no mods.
  7. It is a bit scary to write them all down makes me think what have I done with my free time and money.
  8. FLO

    FLO (Falcon Longreach Outback)

    No aircon? Absolutely unthinkable in an Outback just the name says you will be going somewhere bloody hot.
  9. G'day This is Flo my Falcon Longreach Outback. She is a 1995 model and was originally Lemans Red but was resprayed Phantom before I purchased her. I this stage I am not considering respraying her. This will not be so much a build but by jingo's it does need a lot to get her on the road such as: all shock absorbers, new front springs, retentioned rear springs, brake rotors and pads, other suspension bits, distributor, water pump, etc etc. Very much hoping to get started in the new year.
  10. Hello to all Think I have been here before though a number of years ago. This time I'm back with my Phantom coloured XG Falcon Longreach Outback (Flo). I am not a Ford fan but am mad keen Falcon (Futura, Fairmont, Fairlane, LTD) fan. I have two project cars (at the moment) they being Flo and a 1974 Leyland Marina 2.6 sedan. Along with these two I have a FG ute (my everyday driver), a BF Mk2 Futura, a Kawasaki ZZR1200, and a Triumph Trident 900. As I am by no means a young bloke I have owned many vehicles over the years and as such have spent (maybe even wasted at times) to much money. Year Series Make Model Level Body Cylinders 1961 XK Ford Falcon Ute 6 1961 EK Holden Special Sedan 6 1962 Chevrolet Belair Sedan 8 1963 PB Vauxhall Cresta Sedan 6 1964 EH Holden Special Sedan 6 1966 HR Holden Special Sedan 6 1967 HR Holden Special Sedan 6 1969 HT Holden Kingswood Sedan 6 1969 HT Holden Kingswood Sedan 8 1970 HG Holden Belmont Van 6 1971 HQ Holden Kingswood Sedan 6 1971 VH Valiant Charger R/T Coupe 6 1971 VH Valiant Ranger Sedan 6 1972 Volkswagen Type 3 TLE Fastback 4 1972 HQ Holden Kingswood Wagon 6 1973 Leyland P76 Deluxe Sedan 6 1973 VJ Valiant Ranger Sedan 6 1973 HQ Holden Kingswood Sedan 8 1974 Valiant Galant Wagon 4 1974 HQ Holden Kingswood Wagon 6 1974 Leyland Marina Super Deluxe Sedan 6 1974 VJ Valiant Ranger Wagon 6 1975 HJ Holden Kingswood Sedan 6 1977 CL Valiant Charger 770 Coupe 6 1978 CB Honda CB250T Roadster 2 1978 CB Honda CB400T Roadster 2 1978 XC Ford Falcon 500 Sedan 6 1978 XC Ford Fairmont Sedan 8 1979 Volvo 245 L Wagon 4 1980 Land Rover Series 3 4WD 4 1980 XD Ford Falcon GL Sedan 6 1982 Datsun Bluebird TRX Sedan 4 1982 KE70 Toyota Corolla Wagon 4 1983 XE Ford Falcon GL Sedan 6 1985 Toyota Tarago DX Van 4 1986 XF Ford Falcon GL Sedan 6 1987 CBR Honda CBR1000F Roadster 4 1988 Nissan Pintara GX Sedan 4 1989 EA Ford Falcon GL Wagon 6 1991 VT Yamaha Virago Cruiser 2 1991 T3 Volkswagen Caravelle Van 4 1991 EB Ford Fairmont Ghia Sedan 8 1992 T300 Triumph Trophy 1200 Sports Tourer 4 1993 T400 Triumph Tiger 900 Dual Sport 3 1993 T300 Triumph Trident 900 Roadster 3 1993 XG Ford Falcon Longreach GLi Ute 6 1993 EB Ford Falcon GLi Wagon 6 1995 Land Rover Discovery V8i 4WD 8 1995 XG Ford Falcon Longreach Outback Ute 6 1996 VS Holden Commodore Acclaim Sedan 6 1997 T300 Triumph Trophy 900 Sports Tourer 3 1997 EL Ford Falcon Futura Wagon 6 1998 Daewoo Nubira X Wagon 4 1998 Toyota RAV4 Wagon 4 1999 AU Ford Falcon Futura Wagon 6 1999 AU Ford Falcon Forte Sedan 6 2001 ZRX Kawaski ZRX1200R Roadster 4 2001 XJR Yamaha XJR1300SP Roadster 4 2003 Kawaski ZZR1200 Sports Tourer 4 2006 RA Holden Rodeo DX Crew Cab 4 2009 GSF Suzuki GSF1250A Bandit Roadster 4 2006 BF Mk2 Ford Futura Sedan 6 2010 FG Ford Falcon Ute 6 I have previously been on Xfalcon but always had trouble longing on so moved back here. I chose Flo because 1. it is a Falcon, 2. it is a ute, and 3. I just love what it was designed to do. I am in the process of moving and hope to start working of Flo in the near future.