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Xg radio/tape deck problem

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Hi guys, I just got my first car an 1994 XG longreach (very excited) I've already fixed a few things but I haven't been able to solve this problem yet. 


So it still has the stock radio in it but for some reason unknown to me sometimes audio will play through it and other times it won't and sometimes the audio will play but the volume is stuck. It will still say the station or tape (and I can hear the tape spinning) but sound just doesn't come out which is quite annoying. 


I've already taken it out disconnected it blown it to get any stuff out of there and it has become better after that but it's still playing up. 


When I turn the unit on I can hear the speakers click as they turn on but no music comes out afterwards. 


Is it a problem with the unit (it is quite old) or could it be a wire problem? 


Any advice would be appreciated :) 

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