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  1. XHOutback1997

    1997 Ford XH Outback Project

    Thanks for replying Dean. I just want to get this back to spec. Will post some photos soon, at 262,000 the clutch is starting to slip, is replacing it with a Heavy Duty Clutch kit ie S & B smart, I was going to do a good job machine flywheel. I work in the APY Lands so getting Falcon bits isn't hard every two weeks on my shift.
  2. XHOutback1997

    1997 Ford XH Outback Project

    ducoed gotta love auto correct
  3. XHOutback1997

    1997 Ford XH Outback Project

    Hi, I'm new here. Found a 1997 XH 5 spd manual Outback at auction. I've just completed a 1997 XH V8 S Pack ducked in venom red and got carried away when I went to the auction as I collected a lot of bits. It was delivered to Titan Ford in WA for use by Allinta Gas now Allinta Energy, ducked in Mauritius Blue with a lockable toolbox in the rear by a firm.from Bayswater. Bit of rust but nothing too bad. Somewhere between the second or third owner someone installed an lpg tabk I intend to remove asap. Any helpful tips etc gratefully accepted. Thankyou, Anthony Petch
  4. XHOutback1997

    XH Outback F.S QLD

    Hi, I'