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  1. tobler1

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    7" on the front, 215
  2. tobler1

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    Ok, no worries! Good to know. Fairly sure it's a 2V head. I'd rather not spend money on that donk anyway, as eventually, i'm sure a 302 will be put in there sooner or later.
  3. tobler1

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    Plenty no doubt! They're 15 x 9 with 255 BFG's
  4. tobler1

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    Few steps closer to getting Shane legal (Shane was written on the Auction window, so its name is 'Shane B Warned') Next steps: Blue Sundowner Decals, Few interior bits and pieces missing, full engine tune, new exhaust / extractors, looking for a 350 holley and manifold if anyone got anything laying around?
  5. tobler1

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    Gday all, I've just bought my dream panno. Almost completely restored XA Panel Van! Might need some help finding a few bits and pieces to finish it off, your help might be needed! Cheers.