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  1. By the way the seller wants $185 for the rack in the picture. I think it is a fair price but i imagine there is not a big demand due to the issues you stated!
  2. Understand your concerns with rust. Its due to water getting trapped under the rubber mounts. I ve worked on Chev Suburbans with the issue. I'm wanting to go with the period look back in 75 an those racks would add to it nicely. Rust wont be an issue the roof will be resprayed and the car will never be wet. In all the years Ive owned the mustang its been wet twice when Ive been caught in a unexpected rain shower. Checked the website you mention there are a few wagons with racks . I ll give them a call.
  3. I want to buy this rack but its at Ormond near Melbourne. Since I'm 3000+ ks away need to get it shipped. The owner says the outer frame does not come apart so cannot be shipped. Can anyone confirm that the outer tube is hollow? Imagine it is, couldn't see Ford making it solid alloy. So my idea is to cut it at the areas Ive marked so it can be shipped. Then I can slide tube inside the parts to re attach. Would also depend on if the seller will cut it for me. Any better ideas?
  4. Well bought the kit for the carby should be here in a week I guess. Another one on the list is a service for the auto gearbox. How do I tell what sort of auto is in it? Also does anyone know if the original roof racks which fit these wagons come apart? Im talking about the "outer cage" not the inner rails.
  5. Canola oil on gaskets???? That's a new one to me!
  6. Found this kit looks correct for the carb. Will see when it gets here anyway.
  7. Still looking into this carb issue. Seems there was two different pump shafts used on 2bb carters. They used a flat shaft and round shaft, I have the round one. The common one is the flat shaft. Since the accelerator pump seal is stuffed I need the correct one. Then there are these carbs on ebay, the carb kits run around $70 to $100 if I can get one with a round shaft . Wonder what the quality is like?
  8. I haven't driven the car on the road but the owner said it drove fine. Just pulled the top from the carb and its fairly decent in the float bowl. Some minor gumming. After seeing what looked like river mud in the fuel filter I was expecting much worse. Checked the accelerator bore its not worn. The shafts only have minor movement. All the gaskets are rock hard no wonder it was covered in red petrol stains. So Im going to put a kit in it cant see a problem for now.
  9. Ok had another look on ebay found the carbs you refer to. I also seen some new for around $130 which are what I think are chinese. Probably all are chinese anyway. I did find a kit for a valiant which should fit for $50 its nos. I am thinking my carb is ok just gaskets are stuffed with age. The car has only done 136000 km. Its not a lot for a 75 model car. Think I ll bite the bullet just pull the carb apart then I ll have a better idea. Thanks for the help appreciate it.
  10. Here is the carb before I cleaned it up yesterday and after cleaning. I wasn't planning on pulling it apart till I had the kit so i could do the job in one go. May need to rethink that idea.
  11. Hmmm ok the carby is the Carter 2 barrel I was planning on buying the fuel miser kit as I can see all the gaskets are hard an weaping. Dont really want to go with another carby as I was planning on using the stock air cleaner assembly and inlet manifold. Just wanted it all to fit without an issue. I am not familiar with the Carter, could you give me anymore details on how to check this vacuum piston? Probably be good to know if the carb is worth re kitting before I order parts. I see what I assume are a chinese built replacement carbs on ebay.
  12. I will look at the tank tomorrow probably a good idea just to deal with it and know there is not an issue. No doubt the filler neck will be hard, everything else on the car made of rubber is stuffed. Actually I think the last owners were lucky they didnt have a fire under the bonnet. The fuel hoses were badly cracked and when I moved the fuel filter they started weeping, But then the rad hose was with in a hairs width of splitting also. Timed well enough it could split and put out the fire LoL Some simple maintenance would have keep it all in good shape. Just ordered a new radiator and water pump to go with all the hoses Im replacing.... Need a carby kit and looking at the leak down the brake booster Im in for some fun there also. Oh the joy LoL
  13. Got the inlet manifold clean of all the oil today. Just needs the rust removed and I can paint it. Pulled the rocker covers no sludge all looks good. Still need to pull out the radiator check it over. Have to work on the AU ute next week so trying to get the main things done.
  14. I cut open the fuel filter and it was full of crud mud sort of stuff. Not sure if I should drop the fuel tank and flush it. If there is water in the tank I dont want it to rust out. How hard is it to pull the tank out in these?
  15. Ok not sure then about the heater hoses I must have some sort of crazy setup from the last owners mechanic. I ve already cut the hoses for the heater so leave it for now. I ll come back to it later. The plate on the left of the manifold flange is there any reason to take it of and put another gasket on?