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  1. Carshamus

    XF Wagon on Gumtree

    This looks good for the money. Plus a 2nd car for spares.
  2. Carshamus

    Xb Wagon Project

    For future reference to help out anyone looking for the right hose this is the one I used. $22 from super cheap.
  3. Carshamus

    Xb Wagon Project

    Thanks Took your advice way back at the beginning and re routed those heater hoses. Used VB commodore V8 hoses which have a bend on one end. Made a bracket which you can see bolted onto the head to hold them in place. A old coil bracket recycled.
  4. Carshamus

    Xb Wagon Project

    I need the 302 decal for the air cleaner but otherwise I'm done with the engine bay. Final pictures below.
  5. Carshamus

    Xb Wagon Project

    Have used JB weld for years it works great so long as the surface is really clean preferably scratched up for adhesion. But it does smell like dog shit when the two components are mixed
  6. Carshamus

    Xb Wagon Project

    I was thinking along the same lines actually. Found this one going really cheap so far. But more to get a cheap heater core thinking I would try and fluke getting a good second hand one as new they are $175. Found this one on ebay which Im watching. Its in QLD so shipping would be less. I pulled the heater box out only took about 20 minutes worst part getting that nut from behind vent in front of the fan. Had to do a head stand under the dash to see where it was. Also the threads on the studs get caught on the firewall which is painful. Re installing is a much longer process or was for me anyway. Messing with clips and sealing the fan all takes time an took about 3hrs to re install it all properly. Good news is the heater box is in great condition. Very obvious the heater has never been used. All the flap rubbers are soft as the day they were made. The fan motor like new inside and out. Just surface rust on the backing plate. Found a hole where the inlet pipe joins the tank on the core. Gave it a good clean an JB weld to the rescue. Should last until I find another decent core for a spare.
  7. Carshamus


    Could have loaded a semi trailer up with mowers and whipper snippers after the floods. Just about every house threw them out claimed on insurance and nothing really wrong with them. Street after street of mowers LoL
  8. Carshamus

    Change ba 6 to v8 351

    A few years back bloke I know ripped the 6cyl out his jag installed a 454 chev with some goodies. Left it registered as a 6cyl cheaper rego didnt bother with a mod plate. Went tear assing around town doing donuts an the usual stuff. Next thing he gets a letter from the motor transport mob to take his car in for a pit inspection. He was a little concerned but decided to wing it. So in he goes with the car the guys do a brake test and had a general look around the car. Never even noticed a 454 under the bonnet! Still registered as a 6cyl far as I know. He was a smug bastard after getting away with that.
  9. Carshamus

    Change ba 6 to v8 351

    Yeah I would definitely start with the 460 no good stuffing around its obvious you need some real power. Put a stroker kit in the 460 try to get close to 600 cubes with over boring and stroking. Then top it of with a good super charger. If you still need more power go methanol should be good for over 1000hp. Looking forward to seeing the build.
  10. Carshamus

    Xb Wagon Project

    Yeah I ll have a crack at pulling the heater box out tomorrow. Just looked at the heater boxes on ebay only 4 nuts to undo and it comes out? Surely not that simple? I think there is a days work in reconditioning the box by the look of it. Spent today helping clean a flood damaged house the other side of town. Dont live near rivers hills are best LoL Ordered a complete seal kit for the gearbox as its leaking like crazy from every shaft. The dude added a filter to the kit for no extra cost. I see a windscreen washer tank on ebay $325 no motor and no hole in the lid. Plot thickens
  11. Carshamus

    Xb Wagon Project

    Do I unbolt the heater box from in the engine bay? It looks like it would come out in one piece rather then undoing all the clips and disassembling under the dash. If anyone could give me a basic rundown on this would be helpful.
  12. Carshamus

    Xb Wagon Project

    I ordered another heater tap was $20 delivered. The heater core is $175 fxxk got better things to spend that money on. Will wait till I pull out the core then decide what to do.
  13. Carshamus

    Xb Wagon Project

    Had no luck with the heater core its definitely leaking from the fin area. Pull it out when I have the time. Looped the heater hoses so I can run the engine. Also the heater tap has started leaking......can I scream now? On the plus side the engine is running really well with the carb rebuild and cleaned up. Photo of the crap in the radiator filter after running the engine for 20 minutes. I didn't want to spend the money on the filter but glad I did . I ve ordered kits for the calipers floods holding up the mail. Started cleaning up the brake calipers today. Chemically cleaned these parts before finishing with a wire brush.
  14. Carshamus

    Xb Wagon Project

    Yeah I can and thought about doing that for now. Really dont need the bloody heater I live in North Queensland but then they say demist the windscreen crap excuse. Just need it for when I get the roadworthy then I dont care if it works