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  1. No no no . You've got it wrong . We love a good Barbecue up here . Its summer , the suns shinning during the day , clear skies at night , its party time . We even invited a few of you mexicans up for the party . We love a sunburnt country .
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    Yes bear351c , i have a 93 xf ute I am doing up . Old school . Thinkiing of putting an AU 5ltr/auto into it . Was going to do an xe or xd ute but ended up with the xf . Had many fords over the years . Only ever owned 1 holden . The first car and last holden .
  3. Yes , with you there . As a devout QUEENSLANDER , I too suffer from depression , but living in QUEENSLAND keeps mr happy . Dont let the blues get ya down slydog . Just knowing how happy and lucky us QUEENSLANDERS are to be living in paradise should raise your gloom a bit . Get Uted 4/2
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    Just wanted to say Hi , I'm me . Newby , but only here . Having a look around .