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  1. L4zyXG

    Bit of confusion with suspension

    Hey mate, I'm hopefully going to be running mid to high 9's when everything is done. And I will be purchasing a complete 9 inch setup off of Castlemaine Rod Shop. But after watching that I don't think I'll bother with the 9 inch, I'm hoping for 650rwhp.
  2. L4zyXG

    Barra into my XG

    Okay mate, thanks. Awesome to know I'll give it a bit more of a look then once I'm sure purchase them.
  3. Hey everybody, I'm looking at turning my xg ute into a drag car an I was wondering what the smartest things to do with the suspension are. I'm eventually going to buy a 9 inch diff off of the rod shop also. Thank you.
  4. L4zyXG

    Barra into my XG

    How's it going everyone, in looking at dropping a Barra into my xg and I have a few ways I could go. I'm looking at buying 'tuff mounts' but I have a question with them. They weren't produced for the xg only up to the XF then from there they went to the EA, I'm just curious if the mounts from either the EA or XF would fit the xg? Thank you.