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  1. 83xe

    Tremec to Clevo

    they are strong , but the only problems are the input shafts turning a funny blue colour[heat distorsion] dont let that phase you tho lol , its puzzling just to see one that colour!
  2. 83xe


    well engine and box went together easy , now the fucking thing is shitting out tranny fluid from the bellhousing , whole fu(*&ing thing has to come out again FML!!!!!!!!!
  3. 83xe

    250-300hp Crossflow

    250hp out of headwork is what everyone does , all that other jaz is just wank factor lol
  4. 83xe


    Spot on there slydog , I've got a big six and I wanna go fast. Auto seemed like a good option , I don't want the hassle of waiting time changing gears so went with a nice auto box! It's all together and now running so I'm very happy with the result , just need to put the front panels lights bumper on and get her into the paint booth and will be repping pano love!
  5. 83xe


    sorry fellas i should have explained , im going from manual to auto , auto will be better i hope!
  6. 83xe


    OKAY so after abit of trying to wrench it out [ didnt work and wishing i was someplace else] i saw the comment about grease and a 3/8th extension , i tried and it worked PERFECTLY! now in my rush to do this i left the gearbox in and pulled the engine out , and well now its not going back together so nicely lol!
  7. 83xe


    Heya guys . well i have started a new project [yes another money pit] and well in my rush toget the engine and box together i have forgotten to take the sigot bearing out , now the problem is i have never removed one before and is there a way to just bash the shit out of it to get it out? lever it out?