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  1. Hi, just pondering away at some of the cars here and thought of a few cars that's crossed my path over the years but for whatever reason I let them go. Like an average but original condition Gold XR GT I was offered some15 years ago for $6500 still haunts me. Had to many things on the go at the time. A very nice White XW GT lookalike with a red hot dry sumped alloy headed 351C just traded in at a Holden Dealership for $18000. The wife really liked it too. Arh let it go. Went back the next day and was gone. My last daily driver an EL Tickford XR8 manual. Such a good car. A friend really liked it so I sold it to him. My son still asks him if he can buy it back . The 66 Mustang didn't get away. Everyone's has got the one that's got away stories.
  2. Hi, I have just stumbled onto your site and would be happy to sign in and chat. I have had a few Fords over the years and still own my old favourite an XP coupe convertible. The conversion was done around 25 years ago in Adelaide and done well. It runs a 5L roller Windsor, C4 and 9". Rod Hatfield conversion setup with power disc front. Everything that spins has been replaced with new. Has been a great car and is part of the family. I'm from Brisbane and look forward to chatting with you. Dave