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    250 pre crossflow into XL Falcon

    I have a photo of the gearbox but it is 332Kbit and I can only upload 92Kbit, any ideas, I uploaded the other one OK and it was the same. The motor looks fairly complete with carby and air cleaner, (which I do not have) but it has been out in the weather for a long time. It was supposed to be part of the deal on a car that one of the guys there sold but the buyer never came back for the motor. I might make an offer and see what happens...........Hydraulic clutch would be a good option I think, is it hard to go hydraulic ? Cheers Tony.
  2. Tony McGregor

    250 pre crossflow into XL Falcon

    Thanks again to everyone, Do any of you recognise this bell housing and gearbox, it is attached to what looks like a 250 pre crossflow six. This is not the motor I am working with but I came across it up on a pallett stack, sorry about the bad photo. It had Borg Warner 085802 TF1 stamped on the bell housing. Thanks Tony
  3. Tony McGregor

    250 pre crossflow into XL Falcon

    Thanks again Thom, I am not sure what is meant by ''just beware the cable clutch bell housing began in XC or XD, so make sure it's hydraulic type if you get a later one for your setup'' My clutch is cable operated at the moment, are you saying it would be better to convert to hydraulic or stick to the XR to XF cable clutch bellhousing ? (prefer to stay with the cable). Thanks again, finding this forum very helpful, you sound positive which is giving me confidence in this rebuild (which was not the case on another forum). L
  4. Tony McGregor

    250 pre crossflow into XL Falcon

    Thanks Thom, I have not been able to get back to you due to the power problems and clean up after cyclone Marcus. I want to keep the 3 speed manual if possible and you say an xr to xf 3 speed bellhousing will fit. That would be good so I will try and find one and check it out. I have done the alternator conversion so that will bolt back on and I have a set of extractors to go on and I will replace the exhaust system as well. I am trying to sort of stay within the era if I can and the straight six will be a strong motor. I do have the 4.1 ute diff in the car at the moment but I recently got onto a XP coupe diff that I can put in, or would you just swap the crown wheel etc into mine ?? any advice on that appreciated. Kind Regards Tony.
  5. Hi I am new to this forum and hoping for some advice on fitting a 250 pre crossflow into my XL. I have a 144 3 speed manual in the car now, 3 core radiator, electronic distributor, alternator and converted to 5 stud XP ute running gear with 15 inch rims. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Tony