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    Fouling plug in one cylinder

    Hey guys, Having an issue chasing an intermittent misfire caused by a fouled plug in only one cylinder.Replaced that plug and it fouled again within a month and a half. Running straight LPG and all the other plugs were fine. Car runs great after plugs are replaced.
  2. adrianphu123

    Fouling plug in one cylinder

    Guess it’s time to build that motor I’ve been planning for the last 5 years!
  3. Hey guys, Does anyone have photos of a T5 to crossflow bellhousing? I’m looking at whether it should have a shoulder bolt and plate underneath or fixed pin. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I’ve got a bit of an issue after rebuilding the gas converter. Motor is a 250 crossflow running an Aussie B2 and Impco 200 mixer. Had no issues starting but had to give 1/4 throttle to maintain idle when cold before converter rebuild. After rebuild, car will start with 1/4 throttle but will run really rough until you start driving. Then it will cough a bit and then run and idle fine. Seems like the longer you leave it the longer it takes to cough and clear up and doesn’t do it at all on quick restarts ie. petrol station. Converter has been rebuilt, lock off filter replaced and tested for leaks at converter and front lock off. Anyone had a similar issue and can point me in the right direction?
  5. adrianphu123

    Rough idle on cold start after converter rebuild

    Doesn’t have FB on it so I’m assuming it’s a clean air mixer. Did a test run after letting it sit for about 2 hours and it idled rough for about 3 minutes, felt a few slight coughs and then suddenly cleared up? I’ve got a gas tune booked in for Tuesday but the fact it clears up so suddenly is confusing.
  6. adrianphu123

    Rough idle on cold start after converter rebuild

    Would running rich explain rough idle at startup and then clearing by up when hot? Is it possible that rebuilding the converter changed the tune? I’m getting about 24L/100km with city driving. Rest of the engine wasn’t touched, including the mixer.
  7. adrianphu123

    Plenum repair

    Hey guys, In the middle of a plenum repair on an XF ute, just wondering from those who have done it. Is the brace on the drivers side right next to the vent really necessary or can i leave it off? thanks, adrian
  8. adrianphu123

    Plenum repair

    Good points guys, I've decided to leave it out and im halfway to closing that area up. From the way its mounted, any flex in the brake booster area would now occur below the seam anyway but just to satisfy my paranoia I'll be looking to make a brace that mounts to the upper shock tower and butts against the front of the master cylinder to prevent any flex in that area.
  9. adrianphu123

    Plenum repair

    Yes that’s the one. I remember reading somewhere you did a plenum repair before, did you leave it out or put it back?
  10. adrianphu123

    Plenum repair

    Yeah that’s the one. The only problem I can think of is the wiper motor flexing that part of the plenum but if I can get away with not putting it back I’d prefer not to
  11. adrianphu123

    T5 oil (710)

    Transmax z for me too. No additive
  12. adrianphu123

    Mains and Headbolts

    Do the torque specs for rod bolts, main and head studs remain the same as factory? The factory specifies 35NM while ARP specifies 35 ft lb (40 NM), Does it matter?
  13. adrianphu123

    1.84" single groove valve options

    Hey guys Looking at what other people have used for a 1.84" inlet valve with a single groove for a 250 crossflow. thanks, adrian.
  14. adrianphu123

    1.84" single groove valve options

    thanks lads, The guy doing the heads is leaning towards the clevo valve too for the inlet due to length which gets rid of the lash cap setup i had and Holden V8 exhaust valve. I really dont mind spending the money if im going to get a good reliable product at the end of the day.
  15. adrianphu123

    Cammed straight LPG setup

    425 is made to be mounted to a Holley 4 barrel baseplate, but you'll need a 4 barrel manifold to go with it. A 200 is easily mounted to a EFI manifold, since the inlet and outlet are at 90 degrees. WIth a 225, the inlets and outlets are inline, so unless you can fit an elbow between the mixer and shock tower, you'll run into packaging issues. I'd say fit the manual gearbox first, then think about diff gears. Check whats in it now, then aim for a 3.23 or 3.27 diff.
  16. I have an ASR one, very good build quality and you can specify what features you want to add to it.
  17. adrianphu123

    Urethane Engine Mounts

    what brand are they?
  18. adrianphu123

    Ball joint seperators

    I used a pitman arm puller, broke it, sent it back under warranty and got a new. Used it again and it worked second time around
  19. adrianphu123

    Thoughts on timing chain?

    150? you can get a rollmaster double row for less than that
  20. adrianphu123

    Cam thrust plate

    Wagoon you're a lifesaver, I'll PM you
  21. adrianphu123

    Cam thrust plate

    Hey guys, Just wanted to know if there was a cam plate from any other model that fits a crossflow? Has anyone ever had to source one? If so, where from? thanks, adrian.
  22. adrianphu123

    EL thermo fans on XF radiator

    Hey guys Looking to mount up a set of EL thermos to an XF radiator, how have people done it? Thanks, adrian
  23. adrianphu123

    Cold Gal as undercoat

    I used cold gal on my headers, then coated with high temp exhaust paint, all from bunnings and its held up really well for over a year now
  24. adrianphu123

    diff breather bracket

    I think thats just the splash/dust shield for the diff breather, just move the bracket around until the holes line up. Or just throw it out and run without.
  25. If its the dimensions you want, i dont see why not. It has no other function other than to physically be there