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  1. Yeah mate an MG SV. (Ford powered.) I am on a few forums and that is what I chose to use on all of them.
  2. That was in 2011. Paint getting thin now, needs a spray. Only rust is a tiny bit at weld in the a pillar and under back window on the side, the usual. Not to bad though. Mostly been under cover since I got it. I have more to upload but is says I am over on data. Is it half a meg total space or per photo? Or do I need to use third party hosting like other forums? Cheers.
  3. Thanks for the welcome.
  4. New old member here, I was a member of the old Forum from 2008. Completely fed up with people using Facebook to share this sort of stuff as it just gets lost. Wheras these forums are usefu lfor years. Only got the one Ford these days my '86 ZL. Have had it since 2004. See you all around.