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  1. Hi every one, I'm new to this site but not to Falcons I've just recently pulled the 260 from my mates ute and fitted a 290 out of a FG and I just thought I'd share some info with everyone as I couldn't find anything about doing it on the net before I started. So the 260 had a misfire at idle and after a power balance test it showed cylinder #6 was at fault, then I confirmed it wasn't a plug or coil and did a compression test and it confirmed #6 was low in compression, I suspected valve guides as I have seen this a bit before. After pricing up removing heads and getting guides done my mate preferred to just put another engine in it instead, he was able to sorce a FG 290 and I dropped the old 260 engine out. So the differences between the 2 motors are very minimal, first of all the exhaust headers on the FG don't have holes for the O2 sensors so you'll have to reuse them, also the water pump pulley is bigger so you'll have to reuse that if you want to use the 260 belt, the wiring loom also will need to be swapped too only because of the loom that goes to the trans is different because of the ZF trans on the FG, all pretty straight forward so far. Next I had to remove the sump, oil pickup and windage tray, I disguarded the windage tray and had to remove the end crank cap bolts and cut off the studs for the windage tray as the sump wouldn't fit with the studs there. While the sump was off I had to cut a thread in the block where the FG dipstick hole was, I used a 1/4NPT18 tap and fitted a hex key type grub screw with some silicone on it to block that hole as the BA sump I was reusing has the dipstick hole/tube in it. I then refitted the BA oil pick up and sump and torqued all the bolts up Everything else was straight forward, even the FG flexi plate was the same as the original 4speed flexi I used Castrol Edge 0w40 and a genuine Ford oil filter plus new coolant and then regassed the refrigerant. If anyone else is planning on doing this same conversion I hope this helps, pretty straight forward really.