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    1990 fairlane stereo instal

    Btw this is a very budget build and I'm using Alot of gear I already have. Ideally the 4ch will run just the speakers and I'll get another amp for the sub later down the track. As well as better gear.... Only reason I'm amping now is due to getting very low volume only from speakers
  2. Christopher Howes

    1990 fairlane stereo instal

    Ok need someone with more knowledge than myself to confirm my math here please.1. 4ch amp rated at60rms x4 @4ohms90rms x4 @2ohmsRear speakers60rms 4ohmFront speakers40rms 4ohmSo plan is single sub running off Channel 3 & 4 bridgedCh1 & 2 running 4 speakers in parallelEach channel 4ohm + 4ohm in parallel =2ohm but each would get half the output so 45rms to each speaker does that sound correct?Rears will run a minimum of 30rms so thier good but fronts would be 40rms rated but receiving 45rms.The other option is just to wire the rears onto the amp 60rms speakers matched to 60rms amp... Would this be better considering the rears are 6.5" and the fronts are only 4" (run the 4s off the deck on a high pass filter)
  3. Ok so I've recently acquired a 1990 Na fairlane..... 2 small issues I have atm I'd like to get fixed 1. The high end cluster has the outline of the car and the fuel door is always showing open.... Looking at the fuel door there is obviously something missing which registers that the fuel door is closed....... Is this a magnet or just a piece of steel that's meant to be there 2. The lever on the back of the boot lock barrel has snapped and I'm having trouble finding a replacement do any other models have the same lever (see link for pic) Lock lever