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On 8/3/2022 at 4:13 PM, damo9999 said:

i wouldn't have thought  they would be different as well , but after looking at how the leads are hard up against the bottom of the manifold ,there just might be 2 different heights in dissy caps.     i might go to repco tomorrow and ask 

yes would like to know this also as i dropped an AU VCT motor into my XH Xr6 (having previous EL motor) and the the dizzy was a total pain, esp. when I put it in a tooth or two out and had to reposition it a few times.....


the build looks like a good one, keep the posts coming !....

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well i have just ordered the plug and play microsquirt from efi source $475usd + post,     https://www.efisource.com/wp/shop/microsquirt-for-1986-93-ford-5-0-mustang/                                                                                            just over $850aud for a fully programable computer i have used them before on a 2.7 litre kombi and a  ls1 turbo , and they work great for the money .     they are an entry level system ,but still have a lot for the money .... the one i got is for the 86 fox body mustang ,  same 60 pin plug as our falcons , and 98% the same pinouts as our falcon , the changes for it to work are...[from efi source ]..............          

 here are the minimum changes that I can see that would be required:

 - Make sure the unused pins 12-15 and 42 are indeed not populated with wires (these are all additional injector channels on the Mustangs)

 - As this is an off-road use only ECU, it will not control any emissions equipment like the EGR/vent/purge solenoids.  Most of these pins are disconnected it the ECU, however there are a few used for other intended functions that might give you conflicts:

     - Pin 31 is a PWM output intended for a boost controller output

     - Pin 52 is meant for another injector output

     - Pin 43 is meant for one of the factory narrow band O2 sensor inputs...........All of the other important things seem to be the same though - ignition, crank signal, idle valve, sensors, grounds, etc. .............. to run the btr i will be using a shift kits manual control for now ,,, then I will get another microsquirt to control the btr latter on ...... the easy thing with this setup is i can use canbus between both computers........ this  will all go in when i turbo charge it early next year . i will run it naturally aspirated first .


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