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Fouling plug in one cylinder

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Hey guys,


Having an issue chasing an intermittent misfire caused by a fouled plug in only one cylinder.Replaced that plug and it fouled again within a month and a half.


Running straight LPG and all the other plugs were fine. Car runs great after plugs are replaced.




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yeah i'd agree with dex, 

water getting in (usually after shutting off engine) and kind of HYDRAULICS the plug.. (is what mine was doing) 

if you are using coolant,  it's likely head gasket or corrosion leaking cooling into that cyl if only on shut off even. 


if so, try some silverseal stop leak, mine used to be good for aprox 6 months/20,000kms before i'd add another.. (i was undecided if i would be keeping the car, so wasn't going to pull the head to fix it)

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20 hours ago, adrianphu123 said:

Guess it’s time to build that motor I’ve been planning for the last 5 years!

or a $5 silverseal?

or a mechanic to do a TK test(doesn't cost much)

or pull the head and change the gasket (if the head is flat and no corrosion could be done for $200 including oils etc if doing it yourself)

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