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Mr Polson

St Mary's Car Show

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Car show coming up at St Marys in a fortnight guys, I'll be trying to stop in for a look on my way back from Burnie that weekend. 



St Marys is here - Turn off from near Conara Junction on Midland Highway




Then Faulkners Village Green is here (opposite the pub)



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I would, but as I said, I'll be in Burnie that weekend, so only be stopping by to check it out later in the afternoon...


Jeremy will be going away that weekend...


May have to be you and Luke to go and spread the message about OzFalcon :P

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Did anyone else go to this?


Here's some pics I took if anyone's interested.



img1831gc.th.jpg img1829yt.th.jpg img1823n.th.jpg img1817k.th.jpg img1822ef.th.jpg img1821fm.th.jpg img1814t.th.jpg img1812k.th.jpg img1816fm.th.jpg img1815d.th.jpg img1811k.th.jpg img1804so.th.jpg img1810cj.th.jpg img1805k.th.jpg img1807ny.th.jpg img1798up.th.jpg img1801pi.th.jpg img1795dr.th.jpg


Apparently the white coupe is owned and recently restored by the local policeman. The purple XB GT belongs to the local petrol station owner (although it doesn't have any compliance plates).



And this one which really stole the spotlight:





The black XB coupe with yellow splashes is pretty fucked, it looks like they've painted on rust and bog, and I could see rust near the boot lid water channels (with the boot closed). Apparently the owner doesn't want to sell it because it's sentimental.


It's probably not going to have much sentimental value as flakes of rust. It's unfortunate he doesn't try to get some support going to have the bad bits taken care of, I'm sure someone who's partial to coupes would help out in return for having their company name on it or something like that. Car show exposure with good results could be a nice business puller for them I reckon.

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didnt end up making it sadly, looked like some good cars were there.


shouldnt of posted the coupes XBTAS's right arm will be twice the size next time we see him lol


Well there was some kinky stuff done to this one...



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Hi there guys, I know a little about the st,marys car show as I am the brother of one of the organisers

It's a great little show( last one actually very big) and open to all cars.

A member has also questioned if the mulberry xb gt is a gt?

It has been in the family since it was 6 months old and I assisted my brother restore it, so we know it is the real deal and have documentation and plates.

A lovely car and a keeper!

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