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Trev Vaa

THE YOUTUBE THREAD (to stop us having way too many topics)

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I'd almost have a Yenko Corvair... just for the exhaust note.
I really like Corvairs. One of the very few times that GM really stepped out of their bubble and had a world-class car on their hands, then they screwed it all up with their cynical, typically American nickel-and-dime mentality.

The story goes that they were well aware of its dangerous handling tendencies but chose not to add a cheap additional link to the rear swingarms, which used to roll over into severe positive camber and flip the car over. The link was added at a later date but the damage was done, with the car being the central subject of Nader's book "Unsafe at Any Speed", its fate was sealed.

The car also had a fuel-powered heater... Yikes!

Ford had the Pinto, GM had the Corvair. Both are salient historical exercises in how not to execute a good idea.

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that golf video covers fitting windscreens quite well, i've removed Mark's ( @XTREME KARTS XF ) back window, and remove and refit BGDAV's F100 windscreen in a similar way

when he said original paint, and at the end you see its been painted..<_<
How good is the Woo! car is back on the road smile :D 2yrs in bits is long enough


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I know it’s not YouTube but worth watching even if you have the slightest interest in astronomy.
Watching A Stargazer's Guide To The Cosmos in iviewhttp://iview.abc.net.au/programs/stargazers-guide-to-the-cosmos/DO1704W001S00
FYI stargazing is on next week Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

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the engine from the above audi

two 2.4litre diesel compound turbos fitted to a 4.8 LS based engine for surprising results....


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2.4 litre diesel turbos

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