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Ok this has probably been done heaps of times but me lm still learning about these mental heads lol 

ok l have 4 e series heads  

91 AB  had been done for turbo lpg hadn’t been used yet 

2x 94 AB  one is on my xg tiki motor as head on it was screwed big time  other is so so an being used on my car as lm doing new head gasket an original head is wrecked on water jackets 

last but least is a fully recoed head new valves lifters etc  95 DA 6090AB

Have no idea what any of these mean at all except for the tiki heads an my mrs one has what ever head on her 97 fairmont lol. 
now the 91 AB  I was told is eb-d style xr head that l want to use but sadly l have to have a new rocker arm bolt done as a hole stripped an lm using ef xr6 cam an rocket assembly is that gonna be ok on it an the other head 95 DA head that’s all recoed an stuff complete l may run on my ef xr since it’s brand new 1000 ks only done if lucky lol.   I’m more old skool than these ohc things 




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