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ed ford wiring harness

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hi everyone


getting a ed which is only a base model but plan to bring it to fairmont level and put a v8 in and instead of putting eb/ed abs with seperate ecu  in plan to put in ef/el abs with all in one pump/ecu.


also instead of using eb/ed vacuum cruise control plan to use ef/el electronic cruise control and el thermo fans instead of the belt fan and want to keep the original ed dash setup.


out of the below options which would you go with.


1. use all el wiring harness and change tail light connectors and also interior connectors where needed to allow the original ed dash to work.


2. use el floor harness and change tail light connectors and the right kick panel connectors for it to go into ed drivers side engine bay harness and use the ed drivers side engine bay harness and solder a ef/el fusible link block, ed dash harness, el v8 ecu harness and splice it into the ed wiring with diagrams.


3. use all ed 6 cyl fairmont wiring and pull out the wires for cruise control as ef/el cruise control will be getting used and solder ef/el fusible link block into the ed drivers side engine bay harness

and use a el v8 ecu and tcu harness and strip down a el drivers side harness to get the thermo fan block and wires out and make a independant thermo fan harness that has power wires to run around and connect to battery and has plug with the trigger wires to go to the ecu and run the trigger wires from the ecu out through the passenger ecu harness with plugs so the fan harness will plug in. also will then solder the ef/el pillar wiring connectors onto the ed wiring do the ef/el door harnesses plug in.


(this option will mostly be ed wiring with some changes to the body harness with removing cruise control wires and passenger ecu wiring with the independant thermo fan harness plugging into the ecu harness and running power wires to battery)


is the ed fairmont bcm really hard to find in south australia or would you solder the el fairmont bcm plugs into the eb/ed smartlock and bcm wires if using mostly ed wires except el v8 ecu harness.


any help would be great



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its going to be a LOT less drama if you find a complete donor car from the SAME model, IE: you want to find a rusty V8 Fairmont


strip the good body of EVERYTHING, then start pulling the donor car apart, take note of where every part came from, and install it like Ford did at the factory

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