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NSW Historic and Classic Vehicle Rego

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Strangely hard to find much information on 'club rego' in NSW. Unfortunately, there is not a specific Xfalcon car club or even a generic Ford club that we can join for Historic or CVS rego. I figure I may as well document my experience on the way hopefully to club rego for anyone else who comes looking for more info later.


I Have been trying to find a suitable club in and around Western Sydney, as my XE Ghia  [stroker/t56/9 inch] gets out maybe once every couple weeks for about an hour or so. Not for lack of want, but just don't have time to drive during the week - Train to work/uni. To lazy to pull it out on the weekend because there is a big gate, 2 dogs to tie up and a BA Fairlane and FG F6 to move out of the way to get to the XE.

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The Australian National Street Machine Association has a really badly written guide in relation to the entire club rego process here.

The RMS also have detailed information on the scheme here.


Two types of 'Club' rego:

  • Historic - 30 years old, owner/garaged in NSW, original spec
  • CVS (Classic Vehicle Scheme) - 30 years old, owner/garaged in NSW, Modified.

My Ghia is modified so the process for CVS rego as far as I can tell is:

  1. Join any club listed here, and pay the membership fee.
  2. Fill out a couple RMS forms: Classic Vehicle DeclarationApplication for Conditional RegistrationChange of record
  3. Get Blue Slip (Even if already registered), VSCCS Certificate.
  4. Submit Classic Vehicle Declaration to your club. The form will make its way back to you with some stamps and signatures on it. (Signed/stamped first by your club, then by a governing organisation - currently there are 3)
  5. Club will have some kind of process for checking your car - photos, pink/blue slip, physical inspection, VSCCS certificate check etc.
  6. Take ID, Proof of vehicle ownership & completed forms to RMS to register your car. 

RMS will provide CTP Greenslip, Registration, 60 Day Logbook and Historic number plate(first time) Fees approximately $110.

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The truth is, I don't want to be part of a club in the sense of attending events and drives etc. But am more than happy too document my experiences for others, share knowledge online and interact forum style. Therefore these are the clubs I have contacted so far who might fit that bill:


Custom Car Club

  • Temporarily stopped taking new members 18 March 2019
  • Online Form, with pictures
  • does not appear too fussed with attendance
  • $90 membership fee


Eastern Australian Drivers Club

  • No online form, but quick to respond on Facebook.
  • Dude was was holiday, but wanted too see a blue slip + inspect the car in person
  • [Direct quote] "about" $150 membership fee


All Sorts Motor Club

  • Happened to know someone there
  • No online forms - asked to call X
  • Immediately invited to an event to meet some other members - that's nice
  • $?? membership fee

NSW Historic Muscle Motor Club

  • Super quick to respond online
  • Online forms available - asked for photos, blue slip & engineering paper work
  • $70 membership fee

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So I ended up joining the NSW Historic Muscle Club. 

The process was fairly straight forward all in all:

  1. Got a blue slip done for the XE
  2. signed up & paid membership to/for the club online and had a form sent to me
  3. filled out said form
  4. sent said form to the club along with my engineering papers, ID, car photos.
  5. In return they sent me a Historic vehicle form with the required signatures etc, which is technically the wrong form. But the RMS didn't seem to care.
  6. Took all this to the RMS with my old plates. De-registered my full rego and filled a few forms to move on to the classic vehicle scheme, got some plates and it was all done. 

All up the process took about a week in total and about $200 including club fees, rego, greenslip, admin fees, plate fees.
Next year the plate fee drops off, so lets' call it $150 moving forward.

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woo! yeah decent saving compared to full rego,(how much is it there? $802 for Me in Melboune East Subs)  the club permit is more like one 5th of the cost

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