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Xg vents not working

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Hey guys, so I have a 1994 xg longreach ute and I have a problem,  some of my vents aren't working. 


The car doesn't have cooling only heating if that helps but only the vents on the windows work none of the front facing ones do. I've taken them out and i can't seem to find a blockage anywhere. I attempted to take the control panel for it out but I don't know to much about how it works and there wasn't anything obviously disconnected or loose so I don't know why it won't turn to the front facing vents. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Cheers, Angus 

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MIne do the same and i think youll find it is a vacuum related issue. Ive read it can be the selector switch, split hose or the one way valve in line.


I havent tracked down the fault myself yet but one day i might!

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if there's no vacuum, they go to screen as a default.


first place to check is if the hose is connected to the manifold(on XFs it's a black plastic hose, and green one goes to heater tap) 


if that's fitted.. then you need to look elsewhere.


for Me, the first place i'd look(from experience) is behind the glove box at the multi vac hose plug, see if they are all connected(had the black engine bay one fall out once, glued it back in without getting glue in the hose) 
can take a look at the hose on the vac motor inside the car at the lower firewall left of the foot rest.. if that is off, screen only.


i have seen cracked vent control thing in the center of dash twice now.. getting old. 
last place i'd look before pulling the dash out.

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