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Turbo BlowThrough Crossy Setup (Planning)

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Hi All,

I'm currently looking at building a turbo setup for a 4.1 Crossy. This is a NZ build... so there is no worries about emissions or rego like in AUS. Engine will be in a xf sedan and will be a street car that will do mostly open road driving.  To start with I am planning to run the setup on a stock long motor (except upgraded valve springs). I want to spec the setup so that in future, if i choose to build a motor then the system will support the increased power level.


Aim for the setup on a stock 4.1:

HP Target: 250-300HP ...... happy with more, but not sure how long it would hang together

Boost: what ever it will take before it throws a leg out. Am planning on specifying the fuel system to support up to around 12-15 PSI



Base Engine:

Stock xf 4.1 with higher rate valve springs

Will run it on a descent oil so it has a bit of a chance of hanging together.



Hot side:

Manifold: Either log type or unequal length runner. Will be getting flange profiles cut and fabricating it myself.

Turbo: Borg Warner k27-2 with internal gate welded shut (off a 5.9 Cummins Diesel)  Already have two of these as the price was right.

Waste gate: probably 38mm if this will be sufficient????? Plumbed back to atmosphere

Exhaust: Either 2.5'' or 3''




MSD 6AL Programmable

Dizzy:  factory est

Coil: Need recommendation... MSD something??


Intake side:

Inter-cooler: Whatever fits in the available space. 2.5'' piping.

BOV: Maybe? ............ If needed to keep the carb happy

Intake manifold: 4 barrel of some kind,... Aussiespeed???  Need recommendations

Carb: 650CFM Quick Fuel Technology blow through carb ..........I'm  thinking this is way excessive... any thoughts? Was initially looking for a blow through carb around 450CFM but i haven't seemed to find one that exists.... There is always the option to modify a mech sec Holley carb to suit blow through.




Pump: Cater inline pump, 50 GPH at 20 PSI ............................. I think this should be a sufficient flow rate?

Fuel pressure regulator: Adjustable rising rate 1:1 bypass reg. 2-22PSI base pressure adjustment.

Fuel:  100 octane (is now commonly available at the pumps in my area)

Fuel lines: Will use existing steel feed line for return to tank and make another hard line for feed to engine bay.


Drive line:

Gearbox: Either t5 or borg warner 4 speed single rail, (more likely the single rail as it should stand a bit more abuse before going pop.)
Clutch: Need advice here.

Diff: LSD or Cigweld, 2.77 or 2.92 ratio. Will only go to a shorter ratio if using a box with overdrive

Tyres: 245/50/14 eagers ( Around 7% smaller in diameter than factory  sizes)



AEM wideband

oil pressure

oil temp



This is an initial throw together of components. It would be good to hear from some of you experienced fellas if I'm on the right track or if I'm way off with some of my selections. There is probably things I've overlooked too. All input welcome.

Please give it a chance before everyone gets on the '' carbs are dumb, go EFI'' bandwagon 😁




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i run a quickfool 450 d/p on my crossy,they are not advertised latley on websites for some reason,maybe because holley bought em out they want to sell 390's instead ? but the 450 is awsome.

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