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XH XR8 trans changes down at 100km by its self to 3rd issue

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11 hours ago, Mr Polson said:

I must admit my auto services have always been done by a mechanic with a flush machine, hook it up to the trans line and run the car, pumps old fluid out new fluid in, often takes 2x/3x times the fluid capacity to come out clean.

I've also been using Penrite for years, engine, diff, gearboxes (auto and manual), brake fluid, greases.


I too am guilty of paying the mechanic to flush it out with the machine, Ive done it without and its  bastard of job, you need 3 people to do it succesfully. 


10 hours ago, bear351c said:

Agreed Chris, they're relying on their name to sell. I worked in Spares for about 3 years, never saw a Castrol rep.....

Saw NGK, Tectaloy, Penrite though.

Not at all, Penrite and Mobil One are the only 2 oils that are approved/Meet and exceed the Mercedes Benz Standard were other oils don't....  there are also independent/scientific tests between the oils were you can clearly see the difference, there is a reason why Castrol Magnetic is $25 for 5 litres.....

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