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Hi,  I'm new.  Have owned a lot of Falcons/Fairlane cars in the past. Presently have a FGX ute (Eco Lpi) which I really like (not for sale) and an old XD (6cyl sedan) Classic I bought new in 1993.  I've never owned any car as long as this one.  They really are a great car.  Haven't driven it for a few years but it's all there in the shed and I plan to bring it back to life and do some good things to it when I get time.  Thanks for having me.

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3 hours ago, jack's xd said:

Actually, just realised, my car's an ED not an XD.  Oh well.


welcome aboard, there are several E series owners here,  show us a photo if you like and tell us about the things that you've had to repair?(guessing head gasket, power steering pump, fuel pump , transmission etc.. depending on kms) 

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On 05/12/2018 at 11:00 PM, tobler1 said:

Gday all, I've just bought my dream panno.

Almost completely restored XA Panel Van! Might need some help finding a few bits and pieces to finish it off, your help might be needed!






for a second i thought that was an extremely well made model car, then noticed the fairlane front and LTD? mirror broken..


that's amazingly WHITE, it is HO(high opacity) white?


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